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Professor Musgrave teaches an online course on developing multimedia eBooks for business, teaching and pleasure. As a special assistance to online teachers new to the experience of online learning, he is teaching the regular 4-week course inside the Embellisher Multimedia Stream Platform. All participating online teachers will do two projects under his direct supervision. No grades, just a chance to see how to create multimedia lessons and courses using the Creator Studio and the eReader platform. A free copy of the eText, "Building Your Digital Marketing Platform" will be included to all who register. To acclimate yourselves as to what you'll be learning, watch the ten tutorials Professor Musgrave has created, which are also included inside the eText of the online course. Watch the first one here on YouTube. You will be taking this course "at your leisure, and the two assignments will be sent to you in multimedia format over the secure mobile network. The eTexs/materials will all be provided on your library desktop once you've registered for the free course. Free Registration Now

During this COVID-19 crisis and pandemic, doctors, clinics and hospitals need a fast and secure method to reach home-bound patients.

What can the system do for you? It can serve three purposes:

  1. In your medical business, you can reach potential clients and regular patients to educate them on “stay at home” procedures or new products you know about.
  2. In your education endeavours, you can establish a different Admin Account inside the Embellisher platform to teach students. Simply upload all your students into the “reader” component, and they are yours. Whatever courses you create will be “pushed” to them on their mobile devices. They need not get lost on those clunky LMS platforms. With ePub3 technology, you can literally include an entire website, inside a single ePub3 document developed in the ePub3 Creator Studio (included in the Embellisher). We can assist you in converting your lessons and an entire course into “bite-sized” eBooks that “tell a story” rather than offering the sometimes-boring science lectures. You can add video, audiobook, interactive text and animations; whatever you need to teach.
  3. In addition, you can monetize these multimedia documents inside the “Admin Store,” which is the backend of the Embellisher platform. Simply establish an online deposit with your bank at Stripe.com, and you’re ready to take orders by mobile. You can also keep a database of all sales and the clients’ emails for future communications. This a great way to reach patients who are on the go and to market to social websites for new patients who can benefit from your treatments. I can show you how to leverage the Facebook and Instagram marketing sectors to send prospects directly to your mobile Embellisher documents, where you can offer free digital and other inducement items, as well as private courses you can charge for, using the same marketing and monetizing technology.

Again, you may DIY inside the studio, and/or we can assist you. I have a stable of very competent ePub3 developers that can create whatever you need. Again, if you wish to teach privately, and charge for your courses, the Embellisher can also be used for this. Simply create yet another Admin account for this purpose, create your courses, and price them in the backend for direct mobile delivery to your students to purchase and learn.

Of course, once you create your ePub3 documents, you have a library of personal intellectual properties you’ll want kept safe. I developed the Embellisher platform, first and foremost, with online privacy and safety of clients and students in mind. It cannot be hacked the way zoom meetings and literally any other eBook content sold online can be.

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Probably the most useful aspect of our app for authors is its online security. Professor Musgrave developed it to be “not hackable,” and we can explain to interested techies why this is possible. Of course, once an eBook of any kind is downloaded out of the app’s eReader component, it becomes “pirate bait,” just as books sold online do at Amazon, who lost publishers over three billion dollars last year due to pirated eBooks. The teambuilding Creator Studio and the interactive eBooks are also well received by our author clients.
(Note: All plans are for after client has paid the initial cost of establishing a multimedia digital presence on their website or ours. Also, the first marketing campaign must be agreed upon either by running a "basic or premium test," or paying the first year's membership fee for the Gold or Platinum levels by agreeing with a tailored service proposal. See examples inside the ePub3 book, "Deals, deal, deals, and more deals" inside the Embellisher eReader.)

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Pricing plans are for single distance medical author/educator basic, wherein you create and market your own eBooks/courses.

The basic author plan gives an author a publisher account inside the Embellisher platform. Publish and sell any eBooks you create or have already published. See price here:

The premium distance medical author/educator plan gives the author unrestricted Admin privleges. They can can create, publish, price, and market all ePub and ePub3 titles and courses created in the Creator Studio or uploaded into the Admin store. See price here:

The Gold Plan gives an distance medical author/educator Admin privleges to create, price, and sell titles. EMRE Publishing will also market for the author using Amazon, Facebook and Google ads.

The plan also includes live, interactive video and audio stream broadcasting.

Author pays but EMRE's expertise is great to rifle onto specific audiences. Author can also load other titles in the Admin and sell courses through the application as well. See price here:

The Platinum Distance Medical Author/Educator Plan gives author/educator Admin privleges to create, price, sell and market titles. EMRE will market titles through Google, Facebook and Amazon.

The plan also includes live, interactive video and audio stream broadcasting.

Author can also promote with coupons, sell courses, and create "all books one price" subscriptions plans for readers. Also includes 4-week training course from Professor Musgrave. See price here: