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Professor Musgrave teaches an online course on developing multimedia eBooks for business, teaching and pleasure. As a special assistance to online teachers new to the experience of online learning, he is teaching the regular 4-week course inside the Embellisher Multimedia Stream Platform. All participating online teachers will do two projects under his direct supervision. No grades, just a chance to see how to create multimedia lessons and courses using the Creator Studio and the eReader platform. A free copy of the eText, "Building Your Digital Marketing Platform" will be included to all who register. To acclimate yourselves as to what you'll be learning, watch the ten tutorials Professor Musgrave has created, which are also included inside the eText of the online course. Watch the first one here on YouTube. You will be taking this course "at your leisure, and the two assignments will be sent to you in multimedia format over the secure mobile network. The eTexs/materials will all be provided on your library desktop once you've registered for the free course. Free Registration Now

Our Musician and Entertainer clients range from individual artists and groups selling their albums and songs in our top-security platform, to large schools or music tutors/trainers who want to deliver multimedia video courses to their students. The Embellisher is a unique and motivating method of giving home-bound students a way to learn without the confusion of Zoom and Facebook technologies. Students and music and video lovers can watch streaming, carefully chosen videos and music, and interactive lessons using our javascript animation technology.

We work closely with musicians, filmmakers, comedians and teachers to be certain they understand our “teaching a course as a story” technique. Once implemented, at any grade level, we find it effectively motivates and entertains students and the audience to retain information as well or better than many other online teaching or delivery of multimedia contents procedures. We encourage your organization to engage in a lengthy discussion and Q&A with Professor Musgrave during your free demo. He understands that with artists, especially, the “buy in” by all involved in the enterprise is crucial to its overall success in the future. For example, do you want to allow your fans to sell their own projects inside the app to learn about real-world marketing and entrepreneurial capitalism? You can easily do this by upgraded your fans to "publisher" status through the Admin.

The Admin “hats” analogy works for education also. Each Admin account is created for each teacher (and subject). This account then becomes private, and the students enrolled in this Admin Teacher’s Account can then be uploaded a .csv files inside the User database. The lessons can be delivered as small ePub3 books based on one of the free course eBooks provided by the links given in Professor Musgrave’s eText, Building Your Digital Marketing Platform. Or, you can create entire ePub3 multimedia stream courses. He will personally supervise your teachers’ course development, if you add the support add-on to your contract. Remember that our app allows the use of live presentations through Google Meeting, and team creativity of students in the Creator Studio component (see Team feature).

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Probably the most useful aspect of our app for authors is its online security. Professor Musgrave developed it to be “not hackable,” and we can explain to interested techies why this is possible. Of course, once an eBook of any kind is downloaded out of the app’s eReader component, it becomes “pirate bait,” just as books sold online do at Amazon, who lost publishers over three billion dollars last year due to pirated eBooks. The teambuilding Creator Studio and the interactive eBooks are also well received by our author clients.
(Note: All plans are for after client has paid the initial cost of establishing a multimedia digital presence on their website or ours. Also, the first marketing campaign must be agreed upon either by running a "basic or premium test," or paying the first year's membership fee for the Gold or Platinum levels by agreeing with a tailored service proposal. See examples inside the ePub3 book, "Deals, deal, deals, and more deals" inside the Embellisher eReader.)

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Pricing plans are for single musician author/educator basic, wherein you create and market your own .mp3s/courses.

The basic broadcast plan gives an author a publisher account inside the Embellisher platform. Publish and sell any eBooks you create or have already published. See price here:

The premium musician author/educator plan gives the author unrestricted Admin privleges. They can can create, publish, price, and market all ePub and ePub3 broadcasts and courses created in the Creator Studio or uploaded into the Admin store. See price here:

The Gold Plan gives the musician author/educator Admin privleges to create, price, and sell live-stream performances and lessons. EMRE Publishing will also market for the author using Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Google ads.

The plan also includes live, interactive video and audio stream broadcasting.

Author pays but EMRE's expertise is great to rifle onto specific audiences. Author can also load other titles in the Admin and sell courses through the application as well. See price here:

The Platinum Musician Author/Educator Plan gives musician author/educator Admin privleges to create, price, sell and market live-strean performances and broadcasts, instructional videos and courses, and any products you want to sell.

The plan also includes live, interactive video and audio stream broadcasting.

EMRE will market titles through Google, Facebook and Amazon. Author can also promote with coupons, sell courses, and create "all books one price" subscriptions plans for listeners. Also includes 4-week training course from Professor Musgrave. See price here: