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Each Admin “hat” can promote in a variety of ways inside the Embellisher Multimedia Stream app. For example, your course, lesson, enhanced eBook, podcast or video can be monetized by using the Coupon discount feature inside the Admin back-end. Simply assign your product as being whatever percent you want to make it “reduced” in price, or even for free, and it will work for the purchaser when he/she uses the secret code you provide during check-out. This is a great way our clients use to run launches of new books, courses, merchandise, and video tutorials. Since all the promotional marketing is “pushed” to the buyer in the form of incentives to sign-up inside the Admin’s database, the more attractive our clients make the offer, the more return they can receive in the form of subscribers and followers or online digital buyers.

For example, one of our small business merchant clients makes great buys going to Estate Sales. During this COVID-19 pandemic, sadly, there are many. However, since he is an expert at selecting the right product that sells, he can literally create a promotional video on his smart phone, upload it into the Creator Studio of our app, and have it promoted instantly to his followers. Not only that, but he wears many product category Admin “hats,” so his followers are people who only want to hear about new products in that specific category, whether it is antiques, collectible video games, or dolls. There’s a way to fit any buyer’s specific interest and market to them instantly to get them to richard mille purchase. Of course, our savvy small business person also leverages his popular YouTube channel by placing a link and an explanation to visit his personal app for even better and more timely deals. They also get to “experience him,” and he gets 100% of the profit if can make a sale with them, unlike when he has to list with eBay. The “kicker” is that he’s making more money than the products he sells through eBay because he does collect 100% of the profit, when they buy inside his Embellisher app. In addition, his clients get treated as special clients because they’re not just looking for a reduced price, they also get “in the field” updates and real-time service from our small business client.

What better way to grow your business, in whichever sector, by promoting your goods and services using specialized categories for special customers? This is exactly the way YouTube and Amazon do it, but with the Embellisher, you collect all the profits, and you grow your own marketing opt-in clients, who know you much more personally because of your personal videos and “human interest” connections. All you need to push advertise is to copy the link to your product ePub3 presentation and post it on Instagram or any other social website where your potential buyers hang-out. When they have a great experience, they’ll keep returning to you. You can bank on that.