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Most Distance Distance Education and Training and Development and Training and Development clients want to allow students to work in teams on ePub3 projects. We have provided a method to do that. In addition, the Admin teacher can check to see if these teams have logged on to work or not. This is accomplished in the Admin side of the app, by adjusting the “sessions” of the single login account that’s created. Each session number results in allowing a different student on the teach to login with the same credentials to use the Creator Studio at the same time as the other 2, 3, 4, 5, or even more students. Therefore, if you have 5 students on a team, then there would be 5 sessions listed under the same login account designated a “publisher” level. Publishers are able to create ePub3 projects together in the editor, and also use the online chat, Google Hangout and Google Meeting to work together.

Of course, our Podcasters, Musicians and Entertainers, and Authors trainers also like to use this feature to instruct “trainers” on how to create courses or lessons inside the Creator Studio. All of this is explained during our free demo.