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All of the ePub3 books created inside the Creator Studio are instantly broadcast to the registrant of that Admin account. This means that when you change one comma, or upload a new streaming video in your Vlog Playlist, it will be immediately changed on the other end. No need for new publications or “revised copies” sent again.

We call this “instant-revise” because that’s what it does. It immediately changes inside the library of one, or one million and one, “readers” of that Admin’s private publishing account’s content. Each Admin account can be for a different audience.

For example, say you’re a physician who is sending out the latest video tutorial on how to protect oneself during a COVID-type lockdown? You want to give a new video tutorial you discovered online or you personally recorded, but you don’t want to upload it on your YouTube channel and then copy and paste this link inside an eMail sent to all your patients. Some get spammed, some never are received, and many are just plain ignored.

With the Embellisher Multimedia Stream, your subscribers are “locked-in” to your personal account’s mobile publishing delivery system. They will receive your new video inside an ePub3 book, which will appear “updated” on their Library Desktop in the Embellisher eReader, which can be read on any mobile device they may have handy. No special login, no requisite eReader hardware (like Kindle Paperwhite), and, most importantly, no security risks of being on some insecure website or YouTube/Amazon “hackers’ paradise.”

So, whether it’s just adding a comma or adding fifteen new streaming videos, your Admin account’s end users will receive your transmission instantly and with no hassles—on either end of the mobile network.