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The usual server technology is structured to pull-in information from outside input. These are the usual websites we visit with our variety of browsers. We interact with the content and input our desires and information to be given to the website owner. Pull marketing, as well, relies upon the user to visit the website in order to purchase or to interact with its contents. These are the “old fashioned” ads we’ve experienced in print, online, on YouTube™, and on website “pop-ups.”

On the other hand, when one establishes a “video channel” on YouTube or Vimeo, your “subscribers” experience what’s called “push” marketing. In computer technology terms, push servers initiate updates to users and clients. The same holds true for marketing. EMRE Publishing’s Embellisher Multimedia Stream technology utilizes push technology and marketing in order to inform its registered users instantly about products and publications and about their updates and editing changes/revisions.

Push marketing allows the owner to wear many Admin “hats.” For each private Admin account that’s created, a new “hat” can be established and worn comfortably to market information, goods, and services. We teach all of our clients in the podcasters, authors, education, health care, and musicians sectors how to utilize this push technology inside our platform to its greatest advantage.