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You knew we had the “stream” on the name of our logo for a good reason, right? Right. With our Embellisher Multimedia Stream platform, you can create documents that can steam videos and audiobooks, which means you don’t hog important bandwidth. For example, if your users are located in a library or in a rural area, where cell phone WiFi is weak, the streaming of your videos will still be watchable. Since most people on Earth have a cell phone, this means your mobile network communications will go through when other types of transmissions will not. Of course, the end user must have a mobile device that can play videos, but most do. And, if they don’t, they can usually go to some public or private facility to view your communications, such as a school or a public library.

This feature of our apps is most popular with our clients because they use the “eclectic” teaching method we instruct our clients after they purchase our software. They learn to mix the streaming video with the interactive textual content to create interesting “stories” that get the reader’s attention. To our publisher clients, this is a “no-brainer,” but to our other clients, like doctors, this might take some effort to learn. That’s why we’ve created our multimedia eBook, Building Your Digital Marketing Platform. Using this informative book, written by the owner, former Caltech online instructor for 15 years, Professor James Musgrave, most intelligent users can create ePub3 books in less than two weeks time.