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Did you know that most humans respond to an emotional “story” much more than any graph, formula or even photo? Yes. If properly composed, a story message will work where other techniques won’t. This is why our owner, Professor James Musgrave, used this method when he taught Caltech online students. Not only did his students respond better, but they also used the Creator editing app to create projects that they could sell on their own, right inside the store, as private publishers to niche audiences.

Your Embellisher Multimedia Stream subscribers may not be as creative as a Caltech student, but if you take the time to use Musgrave’s technique, your readers will thank you for it. Their emotions will become engaged, and this means the retention of the course and/or lesson content will increase. This is important to our Distance Education and Training and Development, Health Care, Musicians and Entertainers, and Podcasters clients. Even our authors clients often get caught up in the creative aspect of devising a course based on a well-crafted story line.

This creative story-telling “technique” is covered, in detail, inside Professor Musgrave’s eBook, Building a Digital Marketing Platform. Enjoy!