Welcome to the New World of Educating and Selling Direct to Your Mobile Clientele

Embellisher Multimedia Stream’s private mobile network technology began as a way to keep online Caltech students engaged. It has morphed, thanks to our clients, to a 3.1 version to support over 5,000 educators, trainers, and professionals from every industry.

Now it’s time to see if Embellisher Multimedia Stream can handle your challenges.

Please fill out the form to arrange a live, one-on-one demo designed to address your organization’s needs. If you like what you see, we would love to arrange a free trial.

If you still want to learn more before a demo, read about some of Embellisher Multimedia Stream’s features and pricing.

Deliver YouTube-like Streaming Channels and Streaming Podcasts directly to your employees, students, clients and prospects.

The features you expect in a top security ePub3 delivery system, plus…

  • As a flexible Admin, you can wear many publishing hats, to sell eBooks, courses, new products and more, directly to your opt-in mobile clients.
  • Easily add new categories of sales fake rolex merchandise with our "many hats" management Admin system.
  • We can install your apps and website interface to collect prospects, register them inside the app database, and send them multimedia marketing info as "opt-in" users. No more eMails lost in spam holes, no more costly ads, no more lost communications..
  • You can upload any ePub book you want to use in a course or sell, directly inside the Admin Store.
  • Learn how to convert your dull, lifeless online courses into immediate, interactive, and multimedia streaming courses that "tell a story."
  • Teach your clientele and/or students how to be publishers as well. You can, in fact, multiply your sales base by selling "publisher accounts" to those who are interested in participating in your monetary endeavors. This will make your presence much more to many more members.
  • We can adapt this application to anything that will help you reach your intended audiece(s). Just schedule this personalized demo.

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Not all software is created equal. Professor Musgrave's Embellisher Multimedia Stream Course will get you working on projects and courses in no time. Fill-out our form to receive a DIY copy of his new book, "Building Your Digital Marketing Platform." (Note: He also teaches an online course where member clients can practice by doing assigned projects--both team and individual--inside the studio).