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Authors: This Free App Will Put You Ahead of the Pack!

Are the big dogs of the publishing world controlling your every move?  We help Indies find their niche audience, attract their niche audience, and keep their niche audience.  Sign up to get your free “Author's App” using our especially designed format. You can use this app to establish your brand and to interact with your fan base right inside the app! We also develop book apps that allow readers to enjoy and buy your eBook completely inside the app or get a free sampling of your collected works and your book trailer.  In addition, we allow you to connect with your niche audience inside the app.  For example, you can post directly to the Goodreads group where your genre is discussed. 

In our advanced Pro Version, we also connect you with other social sites and book clubs.  We work with you to provide the best connection with your niche audience.  This is the only advantage Indie publishers have over the "big five."  Why not use it in the most efficient way?  In addition, your audience can share your content inside the app with others and with their web site, blog or book club.  Finally, your eBook does not have to be an enhanced, interactive eBook to use this app, but it could improve your brand if it were. Ask us about enhancing your eBook.

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“The Embellisher” eReader

Sign Up to install the EMRE “The Embellisher” wherein you can experience all our enhanced eBooks (and the old-fashioned kind too)! Installs on your computer, iPad, Android or other devices.

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Features of Free and **Pro
Author Apps

  • Upload your photo and the cover of your book.*
  • Enhanced music background while reading (recommend music and user choice).
  • Instant social communication with your readers (Facebook).*
  • Readers can share content in the app.*
  • Search and note taking enabled in app.
  • Animation and video fully supported and streamed.
  • Table of Contents linked to content.
  • Appropriate games and opinion polls can be used.
  • Quizzes, puzzles or other interactive content.
  • Can be read on iPad, tablet, Androids and online (web).*
  • Can be sold on app sites as well as on your own web site.
  • Instant translation of text (most major world languages are supported).+

*Free app only
+Instant translation for non-fiction and children's books only.
**Pro version will get all these features.


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