How the Embellisher Stream Platforms Function in an Organization

many hats

Wearing different hats in the Embellisher Stream platforms

  • Your organization must be sold on the philosophy that they are quality circle and front-line innovators who always must think in terms of revenue streams and marketing to your clients.
  • All admins can become teachers, marketing developers, and B2C communicators, depending on the organizational purpose.
  • If an employee can use a basic word program, they can learn to use the creator studio for multimedia. We will train employees on how to implement the platforms and use them in tandem to create training modules, B2C multimedia campaigns, and in-house communications.
  • All media created inside the Embellisher Stream Video and Audio platform can be transmitted directly to everybody enrolled under whichever admin hat is established by the organization inside the Embellisher Multimedia Marketing platform.
  • Each Admin can create department or task specific categories of ePub3 (multimedia) documents, which will appear immediately on the users’ Library interface and can be instantly revised and corrected in the creator studio component.
  • Consultants and other contract personnel can be easily added into all three platforms of the Embellisher Stream service.
  • Direct performance apps like Podio, Slack and Workplace can be easily integrated into our workflow.

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