White House Players                                             Our Gang Persona

     Donald J. Trump                                          Spanky          Spanky

     Melania                                                      Darla              Darla  


     Mike Pence                                               Scotty              Scotty   


     Jeff Sessions                                               Froggy            Froggy   


     Rex Tillerson                                               Wally              Wally    


     Steve Mnuchin                                            Jerry                Jerry   


     James Mattis                                               Leonard          Leonard   


     Ben Carson                                                 Stymie               Stymie       


     Betsy DeVos                                               Janet             Janet   


     Kellyanne Conway                                       Marianne        Marianne   


     Rick Perry                                                  Alfalfa            Alfalfa   


     Jared Kushner                                             Dickie            Dickie   


              Sarah Huckabee                                    Shirley "Muggsy"        Shirley "Muggsy" Coates                 


       Petey (dog)                                             as himself      Petey the Pup         


     Setting:  Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, FL


Our Golden Gang

This will be an anthology of short stories that depicts “Our Gang-type” plots using the above characters.  President Trump’s rich pals will be playing inside the luxurious confines of Mar-a-Lago.  Every summer, Donnie "Golden Boy" Trump invites all his friends to spend a couple of months at his big club in Palm Beach, Florida.  Guests from around the world stay there, and the kids in Trump's "Our Golden Gang" get into plenty of mischief.  Although they will be depicted as children, these characters will keep their adult names (on left).   Each child will be a mixture of the adult’s persona and the Our Gang character’s persona.  He or she will be a child, however, and the troubles they get into at Mar-a-Lago will be childish in nature.  Satire is accepted, but humor will be the thread of enjoyment throughout each story in this anthology.

Writers who submit can use old plots from the Our Gang films and update them to fit the present (technology, clothing, etc.).  Stories are set in present day, although don't give specific dates.  Villains can be people from the present (Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Vladamir Putin, etc.), or you can invent others. 

The first anthology in the series is called "The He-Man Woman-Haters Club."  All stories must mention this club in the story, although the club need not be the main emphasis in the plot.

Payment:  6 cents per word  (Paid by Paypal only upon publication)

Anthology #1:  He-Man Woman-Haters Club

Length:  3,000 to 5,000 words

Deadline for Submissions:  9/30/17

Use Standard Manuscript Formatting.

Submit to:  Submittable Online System

Socialize and get ideas at our Facebook Page.

For those authors who intend to submit to our anthology, then join this group.

Print and Digital Anthology

The publisher (also an author) Jim Musgrave, has dibs on the first story in the volume.  Here are four suggestions for story plot: 

1. An alien (space or foreign) tries to join the kids' group at Mar-a-Lago.
2. Golden Boy Trump becomes a full-fledged "dictator" by being influenced by Stevie Bannon (whom I mention in my own story, "The He-Man Woman-Haters Club.").
3. Trump tries to start a kids' "beauty pageant," but, of course, he does it in the typically Trumpian way!
4. Kid of a Russian gangster or oligarch tries to join Our Golden Gang.

Here are the first two paragraphs of Musgrave's story to give you an idea of how you can style your stories for the anthology:

                                                                                                                                     He-Man Woman-Haters Club

     Donnie “Golden Boy” Trump was standing near the ninth green behind the palm tree. The ten-year-old was chubby, wearing 3X1 designer jeans and red Maison Margiela dipped suede high tops. He was a bit wide in the rump, and his tee shirt was untucked. The shirt had a photo of Tupac Shakur, on the front, wearing a blue bandana, and a picture of Dogfish Head 120 IPA beer, “The Holy Grail for Hop Heads” on the back. Donnie held a Hasselblad DSLR camera to his face. About ten yards away, seated on a bench near the green, were Donnie’s best friend, Ricky Perry, and his new girlfriend, Melania Knauss.

     Even though Donnie couldn’t hear their conversation, he was getting some great close-ups to post on his club’s website, “The He-Man Woman-Haters Club.” Donnie never told anybody in his gang about having his own hard-on for Melania, the beautiful blonde girl from Slovakia, with the Siamese Cat eyes. If anybody in Donnie’s club knew about his affection for Melania, they would kick him out of his own club. In fact, Donnie had begun the club after Melania refused his first advances. She was bent-over, picking a flower in the Mar-a-Lago garden, and Donnie had grabbed a handful in his little fingers. She turned around and slapped his hand away, and his hand stung as if red ants had bit him. That’s when Donnie decided to start his new woman-haters club for all his male pals.