Adding AI to Writing/Thinking Goals is a Wolf Scam Hiding as the Sheep of “World Unity”

OpenAI is a Scam

This AI in writing stuff freaks me out the most. I understand what computers do. I love what they do. I worked at Caltech. They are fantastic at finding information stored in digital format and even organizing that information into understandable factoids. But they will never be “thinking and/or processors of brilliant connecting of information and insights.” Not just with fictional novels, but also with standard journalism and academic writing. Computers cannot become drivers of profit for power and cutting labor costs, which is what all this nonsense is about in the first place.
Nerds love the “idea” of ChatGPT because they exist in a world of what Alan Watts (zen guru) calls the “flashlight vision of the universe.” In other words, only the small concentration of one aspect of reality. Whereas, reality has all the unlimited actions happening at the same time all around you that can only be accessed by the brilliant part of the brain that can access those “flood light” realities beyond the immediate present. Do you understand what I mean? It is more connections we need and not more “concentrations” in only a single discipline. Sharing of information to achieve goals rather than the limited, non-connective, reality of any computer in existence.
When I read “popular novels,” all I’m reading are mostly action-driven, details descriptive stuff, and not thinking and human-driven stuff. The so-called “characters” are becoming cardboard computer simulations of real people and it’s the “action” that provides the entertainment. Not what I enjoy, which is the depth and interesting “perceptions” made by the characters. Does this make sense to you?
For example, I understand programmers are often self-taught. In fact, guys like Musk tell the public that “college or even high school are unnecessary today.” However, techies and linear thinkers are actually probably the easiest to be bamboozled by power-mongers in charge.

This charter of a group that is financed by “big tech money” is actually “culling the herd” for profit-making purposes, despite this “charter.” They admit only employing 20 full-time people, but their literature makes these folks believe they’re supporting some enterprise that will assist the entire “world” and not just concentrated power. Their underlying motive, one can clearly see, is to address the USA economy and special interest of those at the top of the financial pyramid that is financing this “open AI” enterprise.

I mean, what are Musk, Zuckerberg, and Amazon really doing right now? They’re cutting jobs by the millions and replacing them with AI enterprises. As much as Musk (like Trump) rails against the “dangers of AI,” he is actually encouraging and using it to increase his concentration of power.
This is fucking scary, man!
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