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Take the Advanced Course in
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This advanced course will take the student through
the steps needed to create a new ePub3 book inside the
ePub3 Creator Studio.
Watch the Big Dogs

This is a guide for independent creators. To use a pet analogy, independent creators in today’s market are the Terriers, whereas the conglomerate publishing giants are the Great Danes. See where I’m going with this? These big dogs control a lot of territory, and they also require a lot of specialized care and feeding to keep them in the running. The small independent creator or creators, however, can only work alone or in small packs in order to compete with these giants.
As a creator who has run with the big dogs before, I know how they plan, think, and work. However, it is as an independent creator and publisher that I want to share my experience, strength and hope for all those little Terriers out there who want to know how they can compete in this New Age of publishing.
This course is exactly that: it will serve as a step-by-step tour through the offerings that are out there for the independent creator. Whether you’re a writer, composer, visual creator, photographer or musician, you are probably wondering how multimedia can assist you in your career goals. I am here to show you how you can apply your skills and feature your craft in an attractive, inexpensive way in order to compete with those behemoths out there who are steadily losing out to those independents who have the savvy and initiative I am going to show you how to apply.
Of course, if you don’t want to be an independent creator, that is your choice. When I was a young man, I wanted to be like Stephen King, James Patterson and Elmore Leonard, but I was secretly hoping to be more like J. D. Salinger. Why? In my youthful, idealistic way, I saw Mister Salinger as a man who was the consummate creator. Now that I know more about Jerome David Salinger (I even took a graduate course on his work taught by a Hindu), I am even more certain he would like my book. Whereas King, Patterson, and Leonard became “household names” in the publishing arena (no small feat), there are independents and rising stars who are making it alone and who are even poised to outlast the corporate names because of the reasons I shall now cover.

How to Use This Course

This course will explain how any creator can use electronic media to enhance his or her work. The tidal shift in publishing has now made it mandatory for you to learn these skills. This course will serve as both an introduction and “how to” guide in order to implement the variety of technologies out there for you to employ in your quest to create a modern work of art. Whether you’re a musician, architect, writer, photographer, screenwriter, or any other person who believes he or she has a specific goal to achieve or brand to establish, then you will want to follow the steps in this course. Yes, there are steps to follow, and I hope you can follow them to achieve your aims. If you happen to know how to do any of the recommended steps, then skip them. They will be placed in order for a reason, however, and I will explain why as I go through them in each chapter.
Many of these steps will include links to web sites. Just “click-and-go.” Others will include video tutorials. Just “click-and-play.” I will also be advising you concerning how to accomplish certain objectives necessary to create the best look. This advice will be backed-up with concrete examples, so you can see what eBooks that use this advice look like.
Finally, this course is based on collaboration. No enhanced (.epub3) book can be created without the help of others. Therefore, I will also be suggesting ways to use others to assist you in featuring your creative services or products.

The Goal of Running with the Big Dogs as an Accompanying eText

This book is a text to be used in conjunction with the advanced online course available at EMRE Publishing, LLC. Taken together with the free creative writing course, students will learn how to use the sources and techniques taught to them to create an ePub3 multimedia eBook, with the ultimate goal of implementing the created content using our exclusive ePub3 Creator’s Studio. This innovative studio of the latest templates and tools will give developers all the resources needed to brainstorm, outline, develop, convert and upload their final project into the Embellisher eReader Mobile Marketing App. Your completed ePub3 multimedia eBook can then be sold and distributed using your own tailored version of Embellisher or our branded version.

Welcome aboard the indie express!

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Jim Musgrave, CEO

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