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My normal subscription price is $1.00 per month/week to receive an original short story by me. Once you become a patron, however, you’ll get this service for free. (Note: My present members through Paypal can transfer their subscriptions to this method if they wish.)

In addition, you’ll get 15% off any of my training courses to learn how to create your own multimedia (.epub3) formatted books for memoirs, family, education, and private publishing purposes.

Finally, as a secure “fan” of my work, you’ll get access to my Youtube Channel as well as my private videos done for patrons only. This will give you insight into my creative techniques, my research methods, and other interesting artistic “tidbits.” You’ll also be securely informed of the latest anthologies my stories will be appearing in, and the newest self-published novels and short story collections coming out.

Please view my “Direct Story Author Tool” video to see how you can publish your own book or story (serial) series.

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