Is This the Artificial Age?

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Now that I’ve written an “artistic piece,” I like to step back and view it as a critic. I would say that Aira-Force Dreams tells the story of a self-centered, very intelligent girl who becomes a woman by experiencing the power of dreams and Jungian synchronistic existential reality.

With existential synchronicity, the only importance is from the viewpoint of the one who changes. Others, for the most part, except for the changed ones, have no part in the miracle. Kind of like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. ????????????

Popucorn Machine
I wait. The longest lines all year.
The little clown in the center turns his wheel.
The tiny kernels attract me.
Small, delicately involved in the spin.
Like the heart of thousands of children.
I enjoy the larger circle too.
The one for the big kernels, warm and expensive,
And full of joy for the de-compression chamber
Of blue-collar woes. And lovers’ long kisses
In the shadow of the carousel.
We, the Planet, circle the sun, and spin
At 1,000 miles per hour.
We are the little clown, smiling, ever smiling,
Crying, ever crying, tiny Pagliaccis, in love with ourselves.
I love you too, so I turn in my line at Disneyland,
To address a young lady, way down below me,
Who speaks no English.
“Did you like my poem?”
She smiles, and the clown continues to turn his drum.
Copyright 2022 by James Musgrave

Continuing with another episode of The Auschwitz Dancer, with Frankie Mann, who can take down a Nazi werewolf with her eyes blindfolded. ????????????

Here’s where I left off in a sample from the previous episode:
“Come, Gretta. Your boss said you can help us.” I nod to her, and she laughs.
“My boss thinks I help everybody.”
“He says to tell you to get Irene to replace you,” I add.
“The doctor thinks he’s very funny. There is no Irene who works here. It’s a joke between us,” Gretta stands up and gives her intended husband, Klaus, a knowing smile.
“How is that funny?” I ask, still seeing the twinkle of red in her eyes.
“Irene is Dr. Mengele’s wife,” Gretta answers.
As we leave the laboratories, I wonder if Gretta is not who she is supposed to be. The way I am not Helena. I know we will soon find out when we reach Solahütte. The greatest monster of them all might surprise us with his superhuman presence.
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James Musgrave
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