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Audiobook Sale 04/29/23 to 05/20/23

Spotify Sale

$1.99 full price (regular $6.49 at Spotify)



Dear Subscriber,

I’m running a sale on my popular erotic fantasy, Orkidedatter, that will begin on April 19 and end on May 20. It will be selling on Spotify (see above), Barnes&Noble Audio, and Chirp Audiobooks. Also, if you can’t wait for the upcoming sale, it’s already on sale for $2.99 direct on BookFunnel.

Listen to the sample by Nikki Delgado, my narrator from Great Britain, and bookmark the website link to return on April 29 to get the $1.99 price.

In addition, my Science Fiction Historical and Fantasy serial Auschwitz Dancer is now on sale. Get the subscription for $1.00/mo. and included in this subscription will be a free membership in my Story2Go subscription. You receive a choice of one of four stories each month from which to download, and it’ll be delievered to your email.

Finally, if you join my Patreon membership, you’ll get more freebies, including a textbook on how to create multimedia content using my Embellisher ePub3 platform, as well as any of your work or family members can also create these multimedia books.

Thanks, and have a great week.

Best wishes,

James Musgrave

San Diego, CA

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