Auschwitz Dancer is a Romance? Yup!

Franceska Mannheim, Auschwitz Dancer
Franceska Mannheim
Says Albert Camus, “Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.”

Dear Subscriber,

There’s a very strange thing going on here. My serial Auschwitz Dancer is being appreciated as a very romantic story about separated lovers in a Nazi concentration camp! Can you believe it? Well, I can. I wrote it that way. I wanted my entire theme and purpose to be about true love and how it can conquer Nazi thinking, Nazi monsters, Nazi torture, and even Nazi dreams!

Here’s the most recent review on Amazon: ” This story is very unique and different and gave me cold chills right from the start. This is a cliffhanger so be prepared for that. The Admiral Butterflies was beautifully done and very eerie. The story is a look at a horrible time in history in an unusual way it is good in its own right very thought provoking and heartbreaking. I will be honest it made me sad but it is very well done.“–Crystal Crossings

So, I suppose my readers and subscribers have finally seen my underlying purpoase. That makes me very happy, as I had bugun to believe the culture of the reading public had plummeted to making fun of Pete Davidson’s big penis and how many women he could get. Or, enjoying “female sex podcasts” that help women land big money guys in New York and Hollyweird.

In fact, I’ve been talking to fellow authors and poets, and I’m planning to do a podcast on the topic of what makes writing artistically “sensual” and “memorable.” Let me know if you’d like to listen to such a show.

Before I leave, here’s a sample from a “literary” work-in-progress called The Seeker that came about from an off-hand remark in one of the lectures of Alan Watts in the 1960s:

Just before he went into the coffee house, Nutmeg Inn, in Hillcrest, he’d watched and listened to a women’s podcast and video interview on the topic of sex. It was about how the sex therapist believed “every woman” should own a vibrator because it was the “one true method” of having freely spontaneous orgasms on demand. The woman looked to be in her early forties or late thirties, and she smiled a lot into the camera, and made hand gestures appropriate to properly holding an invisible vibrator. The woman who conducted the show was recently featured in Forbes as one of the big stars of podcasts, earning over sixty million dollars for her series for women who obviously wanted to land a wealthy and experienced man or woman for a mate.

All that Sam kept visualizing as he sat on the park bench, watching gay men stroll by holding hands and exchanging proud kisses on the mouth, was that the old sex therapist of his generation, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, even today, at age ninety-four, and at four feet seven inches tall, knew more about having fun with sex than these two women would probably ever know. In fact, Sam knew, he and his wife, Zelda, who was Jewish, practiced in bed all the techniques Dr. Ruth advised in her programs. Sam called her the “Kama Sutra maven for middle-aged couples.” From sexual fantasies “If you want to imagine a whole football team is in bed with you, that’s all right,” to “doing it on kitchen floor or the privacy of your own bedroom,” she was followed. She escaped the Nazi Holocaust, and that was enough for Sam and Zelda. Dr. Ruth was also against one-night stands and selfish sex, which the two women on this podcast didn’t seem to mind at all. She taught Sam and Zelda all about the “G-spot” and how to appreciate slow, musical, and rhythmic passion that was spontaneous and alive.

It was just after turning off this podcast that Sam had his inspiration. He remembered the old novel by Hermann Hesse called Magister Ludi: The Glass Bead Game. It won him the Nobel Prize, and it was about a bunch of post-apocalyptic scholars who believed that the communistic approach to life, sacrificing oneself for the greater collective good, was the only approach worth living. However, ironically, the book won the prize when Samuel Frank Petry was born, and so when he read it, in 1969, he attached some amount of significance to its actual message. He now believed he was old enough to understand its true meaning.

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Thanks for being here, and enjoy your holidays to the max (within sanity)!

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