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How to Expand Your Readership Base


Because many of our clients are authors, we do a lot of consulting with them about how to increase their readership.  This is especially important to those members who have installed our Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing, Marketing and Distribution App.  Why?  When each of the readers installs the author’s app, the reader becomes an exclusive member of the author’s book club.

Book Clubs, Instant Messages and Feedback

We encourage our members to utilize the Mobile Forum to create social communications like book clubs.  The more you get your readers interested in your titles, the more they will return to your app to buy your new titles.  In addition, the Mobile Forum is inside your app, so your readers can refer their friends and post samples of your writing they want to discuss in more detail.  This helps create the viral quality of our app to benefit your overall marketing effort.

Everyone who owns a Smartphone knows that instant messages are at the heart of the new marketing efforts by companies all over the world.  Authors can also use this marketing bonanza by creating short messages that tell your audience when your next title will be ready, offer them coupon codes to use inside your app for price reductions, or allow them to preorder your titles right inside their cell phone.  Again, the marketing synergy caused by instant messaging is invaluable to the author who must compete with the big publishing giants that pay for this kind of promotion on a regular basis through companies like  Now, with your own app, you can do the same thing at a small fraction of the cost.

One of the first advantages that our authors discovered when they decided to “go mobile” was that they could instantly post changes to their titles and it would instantly appear changed on their app subscribers’ interface library desktop.  In fact, several of our authors have begun innovative ways of using this feature by creating serial novels and “choose your own adventure” novels that can be uploaded on a systematic basis through your ePub Creator Studio component of our app.  Therefore, your subscribers can give you feedback instantly concerning what they like or would want inside your books, and you can virtually publish it in the time it takes you to type it out and push a button inside the studio.

Using Our Direct Mail Campaigns to Get New Readers



                                            EMRE Publishing’s Client Mailing Campaign Interface

We often do marketing research for our clients in order to obtain email addresses of prospective readers who are interested in the subject matter written by our authors.  First, we find out the focused audience for the client (like the nursing graduates in Shirley Lorraine Franks’ story).  Or, you could aim for readers of mysteries or self-help books.  You purchase your list from a curated “opt-in only” broker that we can send you to, and then we take this list and install it inside your personal app campaign interface.  We send out a notice to all of these people on the list in a “campaign” offering them something special if they would install your app on their portable mobile device.  Many of our authors offer a free eBook of the first title in their on-going series, or they even hold promotional giveaways right inside their app.

As our app install list grows, you instantly gain more readers and more purchasers of your books.  These happy readers, in turn, share your app with their friends, and you become even larger without buying additional email addresses.

Vearsa Distribution Gives You Worldwide Coverage


All of our premium members get their titles converted to print and electric copies, which are then sold over the 1,000 Vearsa online eBook retailers and 65,000 libraries around the world.  The print-on-demand copies of your book come from, owned by Amazon, which is the most advanced POD distributor of titles available to independent publishers and authors.  Therefore, in addition to your app coverage, you also get the powerhouse distribution network of Vearsa, for digital titles, and Createspace, for your print and full-color titles.

More Marketing Ideas and ePub Creator Tutorials

All members who purchase an installation of our app for their website also get access to these tutorials.  Each tutorial shows how to use the features included inside their new marketing app.  In addition, we created this Slideshare which shows authors how to market the titles loaded on their app.  Remember that your titles can also be print-on-demand using Createspace, and we can do the formatting of interiors and covers if you need this done.

Blowing Up Your Virtual Bookstore

We have seen astounding results from our authors.  Not only do they expand by using the components in our app for teaching, marketing and unique multimedia (ePub3) promotions, they also watch their reader base grow exponentially from each campaign they devise right inside the app.  We own the first application that allows authors to create, publish and market their titles across mobile platforms.  We have been nominated at Book Expo America in Chicago as an “Innovative Digital Award” product, so if you attend, I hope you can stop by and see why we are rated so highly by our clients.

BEA Tour

BEA Tour

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