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The lead story in my collection Catalina Ghost Stories is about what this video discusses: the possible murder of Natalie Wood by her husband, Robert Wagner. I tell my story through the eyes of the ghost of Natalie, who returns to find out what really happened to her. How time-traveling cool is that?
If you want to read all of my stories in this volume where all the stories are set on that little island “twenty-six miles across the sea” then you can do it here. .99 cents isn’t so bad. I must warn you that these stories aren’t starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson and/or romantic couples in haunted houses. Some might even be called “literary horror,” of all things!

Author Editorial about Trees

Republicans Want to Plant One Trillion Trees

So, don’t get me wrong. I love a tree! Great shade, beautiful vision, and archetype in many cultures of the roots of life that bring all people together to save Mother Nature. The Jews even plant them in memory of those folks (non Jews) who help to stem the tide of discrimination against the powerless and the weak.
But, unless you’re prepared to be a Druid, and spend the very expensive time required to care for these trees and make certain they don’t become fodder for fires, started by folks who still use oil (both normal and fracking) and coal as the major means of energy, then they’re merely a distraction from the real problem: the hierarchy of polluting nations willing to sacrifice those countries beneath them who don’t possess the war-mongering and greed-enforcing power to keep running on all cylinders of gas, oil, coal, and many other polluting methods used so they can be the major “playahs” in the game of survival on this (to me) sacred planet. I don’t eat any animal flesh, don’t drive a vehicle, only take emergency trips by air, and recycle personally. I don’t consider myself a better person for it. I just did the math and the research about what can save our planet.
Thanks for your support. Here’s a free “taste” of a paranormal story I wrote to be published in a fantasy anthology. It’s called Aira Force Dreams and it’s set in Cumbria, in the United Kingdom. You need Google Docs account to access.
Stay in the shade, or ask a Republican for one of their trillion trees!
James Musgrave
EMRE Publishing
San Diego, CA
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