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Becoming a Trusted Niche to Sell More Books or Products



The best advantage you have over other independent publishers is the fact that with EMRE Publishing’s Embellisher™ Creation, Publication and Marketing System you control your niche audience.  The following three steps explain how you can maximize the return on your investment in order to put you way ahead of the competition in mobile publishing, the fastest-growing method of reaching special readers and keeping them engaged with your content.

For this example, I will be using an author who happens to write self-help books for recovering addicts (alcohol, drugs, sex and food).  We work with you to establish your best audience and then we show you how to use our system to create your niche audience and then how to create content that will keep them coming back to your app to read more!

Step 1:  Find Your Audience


Because you’re working in the world of mobile communications, you need the best way to reach people who use smart phones, tablets and iPads.  Of course, you can also publish print versions of your titles, but many mobile readers are today reading their books “on the go,” so you need to provide them with attractive digital books as well.  Luckily your smart purchase of our system gives you the ability to not only reach your audience where they “hang-out,” but you can also gather your email list in a more conventional way.

The best scenario is the author who already has an established readership and also has their emails.  However, since many of our clients need to establish their niche audience, they must first gather what’s called “opt in” readers who are interested in their subject matter.

In this example, we need to find readers who want to find out information they need to learn about their possible or present addictions and how to recover from them.  The least expensive but time-intensive way is to visit social websites where your audience hangs-out to discuss their problems.  You, as the expert, can easily search many of the groups on the variety of social marketing websites such as Google Plus (Communities), Facebook Groups, Linkedin (Groups), and Goodreads (Groups).  Also, I would advise the particular author to do a general search on Google for:  “groups + addiction recovery” and cull out the groups that you believe would be most beneficial as an audience for your books.

The more expensive and less time-intensive method would be to purchase an email list that can narrow your audience down to its most specific potential readership.  Again, you want a list that’s “opt-in,” meaning the emails are from folks who voluntarily placed their addresses on the list because they wanted to know more information about the topic.

Once you have politely asked your readers if they are interested in your information, then you can ask them if they want to install your free Embellisher™ eReader, which comes with your installation.  If your eReader is tailored to fit your company look and feel, your reader can immediately be impressed by your professional look and be more inclined to be responsive to your content.  That brings us to Step 2.


Step 2:  Have Your First Duck Ready


When your prospective niche audience receives your request to install the eReader app, they are making a commitment to you.  Therefore, you must have something prepared for them to read when they login to their app.  This may sound like a “no brainer,” but you’d be surprised how many authors think having only Amazon or Smashwords links is sufficient for the reader to be attracted to their subject matter.

No, you must spend a lot of time developing the first book that they will read or you can lose them forever.  This is why I usually recommend that an author have more than one book in their genre before marketing in this way.  You can still sell a single title, of course, but it’s more advantageous to you as a career author if you have a series of titles to sell.

That brings me to the point of your using the first book as a “lead in” to your other books.  Offer it for free, if possible, so the reader can feel an obligation to you as the provider of information.  In this case, perhaps a free multimedia guide to recovery would be nice.  It could be a general guide that lists places one can go to get help and perhaps some videos and playlists inserted using our Embellisher™ ePub Creator Studio, which is included in the “3-in-1” installation that you purchased.

What’s really cool about having your own tailored app is the fact that once you’ve properly screened and collected your audience, and they then install your portable app, they then see you as their “go to author” when they need up-to-the-minute advice and suggestions.  Apps are especially helpful when doing this kind of direct communications, and this brings us to Step 3.


Step 3:  Keep Your Ducks Swimming


Most authors fail because they don’t have the time or commitment to create the content their niche audience wants.  However, since you also have an “Author and Reader Mobile Communicator” installed in your app, you have the ability to find out what your audience wants to read and give it to them in future publications.  Also, since your list will be constantly growing (you must always be handing out free installations to your app, Step 1), you must also continue to provide what’s most interesting to your special readership.

Make them “special” by creating surveys and emailing them through your built-in communications system.  Your ducks (your new books) will be constantly provided to them with your brand, through your app library, so they will have no need to go elsewhere to find the best and latest information on your topic of expertise.  They can read cross-platform, on their mobile devices, giving you the advantage over your competition.

The most advantageous result of following these three steps is that you will have established a friendly and cordial personal relationship with your reader, which, ultimately, is the best marketing tool in the world!  We enjoy helping our clients establish this relationship with their readers, and we hope you allow us to assist you in your goals to become an expert in your chosen professional field.

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