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The Best eBook Reader App
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Embellisher is the best eReader app for your reading needs. We’re providing a free ebook reader app to read Epub3 and other formatted digital books. Get it free from Google Play and iTunes App Store today!


The above presentation proves that readers of digital eBooks act on content delivered by mobile devices.  These readers also need digital applications that can provide more than just an excellent ePub3 e-Reader app.  They also want to create their own eBooks, upload them into a store, and download them to sell on other conventional retail outlets like Amazon Digital, iBooks, and Smashwords.
Increasingly, readers who interact with digital content also want “enhanced” eBooks in the form of multimedia or what is called in the trade “ePub3 formatted eBooks.”  The only application out there which can provide everything is the Embellisher™ eReader App.

Android and iOS Screenshots

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Main Advantages

EMRE Publishing, LLC offers a free eBook eReader app to download and install in both Android and iOS formats, as well as in Chrome.  The main features of this suite of excellent tools are:

  • A cool “insert story” tool that allows the creator to embed Choose Your Own Adventure-type stories.
  • The ability to insert both audio and video as well as a great playlist tool that can allow the reader the luxury of choosing music to enjoy his or her reading experience even more.
  • Marketing tools that are quite advanced, such as an “in the app” Forum where authors and readers can get together, a coupon promotion system, and a way to insert Promosimple codes, direct links to eBooks inside the store, and affiliate code embeds to collect extra royalty revenue.
What was most impressive about this application was the way it was easily accessible by both the reader and the creator. The creator can use the handy tutorials provided in the editing platform to learn the different features. The readers can be instantly made aware of new preorder books available in print and digital versions, and their reader interests are kept in a unique database so the creator simply assigns the category of the book and it will be featured automatically in the reader’s library.
No competitor has to create what the Embellisher eReader App includes, and the CEO, Jim Musgrave, has vowed to add even more features shortly. He says that sticking to open source coding is the key to his fast turn-around times. “The proprietary companies are more interested in keeping the readers locked into their app for commercial purposes. We want to sell the publishers a turnkey installation that will give them a most advantageous marketing platform and exciting reading experience.”

Newest Features

The newest features included are:

  • Ability to save eBooks in .mobi (Kindle), .pdf (Adobe) and .epub formats in the ePub Creator Studio.
  • An easier way to market the store’s books by identification numbers.
  • An “all books for one price” feature for publishers to establish their own ScribD-type sales venue.
  • A Children’s and Young Adult Author Template for the ePub Studio.
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