Big Brother Reporting, Not Truth to Power Writing

Moses Fleetwood Walker
I detest it when writers do extended feature stories and yet their editors never check them for the truth of these stories!
When I wrote my fourth mystery in the Portia of the Pacific series, “The Angel’s Trumpet,” I purposely wanted to include one of the main characters, Moses Fleetwood Walker, as he was the first Black athlete to play in the Major Leagues. In fact, in the history books, it was stated that he was never given credit “because he was a Black Nationalist.”
Flash-forward to 2021 and you have this “new story” about another guy–a “squeaky clean Harvard guy”–Matthews–who does pass the politically correct test, it seems.
You cannot change history to fit what you want it to be. That’s supposed to happen in Big Brother’s world, not the real one! Wait. Perhaps we are living in Big Brother’s world. Could that be? Everything is cleaned-up and made “wholesome and pure” for our consumption and, what the big corporations call “accessibility” by the masses (us)?
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