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Still another (ho hum) shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake Virginia

There are so many issues to unpack here that my head is spinning. I always believe questions are the best way to arrive at any “truth.” Why didn’t these employees report the shooter, a “team leader” or “supervisor” for his Psych. 1A paranoid and delusional behaviors? I would trust even non-college folks would have watched some episode on TV or YouTube that discusses this kind of mental problem. Hell, I just hear an ad that claims to have 25,000 “mental health professionals” standing by to talk to you about your problems.
Also, he was exhibiting this anti-social behavior for how many years before he went off on other folks? I guess his background will come out (eventually), so maybe we’ll find out (after the fact, which doesn’t do any dead person any good).
Here’s just one little tiny idea during the holiday months, when any rational person might be getting “on edge” having to deal with folks who shop at Walmart: have a trained mental health worker on staff to assist folks and talk to them live, and in a private room, not one of the 25,000 on an online hotline (this perp even said he was “afraid” of any social media). Hell, I’m afraid of social media!
I love Virginia. I was marred there when I was a young whippersnapper in the Navy working for the Admiral at Comphiblant Little Creek, VA, just down the road. We had zero shootings in 1968, except one “big shooting” about which I wrote a recent short fiction “Room 306”, and the many shootings by police and rioters, after he was gunned down at that Tennessee motel. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who preached “non-violence,” of all the ridiculous things to preach these days! Wowza!
Preaching non-violence in the USA today sounds like these folks who preach non-violence need mental health assistance. People don’t kill people–guns kill people (they’ve grown legs, and they’re in Congress).
My short story was a fiction about a real racist I knew and what he said to our supervisor when MLK was shot. The rest was my imagination. But this is fucking REAL folks. Not somebody’s delusion. This shooter had a gun, obtained legally, never having been investigated for any mental health issues, never reported as having any mental health issues, and nobody caring diddly-squat whether he got treated or not.
Guess what, folks? Ask any real psychiatrist (I’ve met a few) about whether or not a sociopath or psychopath, or very seriously delusional person will come in and ask for treatment. Nope. Why? Because they think we’re crazy and they aren’t–that’s why. I wonder about that “issue” myself sometimes, especially when it comes to our so-called “leaders” in Congress and their stand against banning automatic and assault weapons, red flag laws, “real” background checks into possibly dangerous and mentally ill folks. Maybe they need their heads examined.
One final ironic and gallows humor note. The shooter’s name was Andre “Bing,” which is a modern name for a “popular” search engine.
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