“Blaze” is a Film to Allow Children to Purge Their Wounded Psyches

What a fantastic film: BLAZE. If you’ve been sexually molested or abused, this is the film to help you purge your emotions. This child becomes a woman and uses her imagination to do it during the plot of this superb Australian film. The plot involves a child who witnesses the rape and murder of an adult woman in an alley and is too frightened to get help. The rest of the film shows the adult legal trauma she experiences as well (more importantly) as the inner trauma, along with her single parent father.

I wrote a fantasy story called RINGS AND DRAGON DREAMS for my friend, and fellow child abuse survivor, Lillian Haugland. The coincidence between the film I just saw and my own story is quite astounding, as the Norwegian girl in my story also is saved by a dragon, which she becomes in the story, as it is a fantasy, but I also mix a real child’s story within her gradual metamorphosis.

BLAZE is similar in that it incorporates some of the most fantastic images to illustrate this twelve-year-old girl’s imaginary protective dragon and other creative characters. This is why Lillian and I agree that children must be given free reign to their imaginations to heal from trauma, especially sexual traumas. Set-out your tissues. Very emotionally powerful.

I recommend this film very much! This is an excellent review of this movie.

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