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The Proof is Always in the Pudding


The Only Folks Making Money are the Book Promoters

There was an interesting “scientific” article on Indies Unlimited by Bob Hammond.  Bob used his own money to test whether various so-called “book promotion experts” were able to sell his book placed on sale for .99 cents.  I was quite interested in his results because he actually spent money to obtain the answer as to whether or not sales can increase through this kind of promotion.  I was also interested in the comments section, as most of the respondents had similar results.  The indie authors lost money.

Mobile Publishing App

Why spend your hard-earned marketing dollars on something that doesn’t work?  In fact, the only promotion location that seems to have established any kind of good reputation with self-published authors is Bookbub.  However, most recently, even this respected venue has been “going for the gold” by loosening its quality standards to take-in more authors and their books.  Previously, they would require that the book pass their own scrutiny based on the numbers and kinds of positive reviews of the book that was requesting promotion, and they also charged quite a bit of money for said promotion.  These days, it seems, they have begun to allow for more promoters (and more profits).


If one uses logic, it stands to reason that this type of promotion would be like the odds in Vegas or even the lottery.  The House makes the most money, leaving the author (sadly) with empty pockets once again.  Why?  Because the readers only purchase books from authors they know and have read before.  How do they get to know an author?  Most of them get to know an author through a recommendation from a friend or relative.  I would even guess that Amazon reviews are being scrutinized even more carefully these days because of all the controversy surrounding “phony and paid-for reviews.”

Therefore, what does the independent and self-published author do in order to bring the odds more in his or her favor?  It stands to reason that in order to get the best (and most honest) reviews, one must form a private and personally rewarding alliance with readers.  That’s why we invented the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing App.  Here are the major reasons why promoting with our app gives you an advantage over other kinds of promotion:

  • The reader must opt-in to your private promotional venue.  In other words, they must like what they see before they decide to register.
  • You are in control of the message, even if it means allowing your reader to read a free full version of one of your books.
  • The reader only deals with you, the author, and the reader also realizes you are getting the majority of the royalty and not some other middle man.
  • Since most purchases happen through a customer’s mobile device (cell phone, iPad, tablet), your reader is more inclined to buy from you on their mobile device.
  • Since our app also includes social sharing (Facebook, Twitter and eMail), as well as an entire Mobile Forum (in the paid installation of our app), your readers become part of your private “family.”
  • No Risk, Free Trial Promo

    How would you like to be part of EMRE Publishing’s free, no risk promotional trial?  We will be collecting the data we get from you and whether or not your sales happen, and this data will be posted on our website for all indie authors to see.  The best part is that even though you have to do a little creative work, it will cost you nothing up-front to use our promotional tools.  We will be presenting our flagship product at the Book Expo America in Chicago on May 11, 12 and 13, and we want to show what our app can do.  You can be part of our presentation by being part of this free promotion.  We will even include your name and book title, if you give us permission to do so.


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