Campaign Payment

Building Your Digital Marketing Platform

Hello Embellisher Friends,

I’m getting filled up for the coming year, but if you wish to get into the flow, I need your ideas and your genius.

I will schedule your private conference, develop a free campaign for you inside the Embellisher Marketing platform, and then run it through our system for $100 total price. If you want to do extra marketing over social media ads, I can do that also, but you’ll have to pay for this.

Finally, if you are pleased with the result, then I will give you 25% off the total cost of the setup and integration of any and all of the three platforms into your website, or a complete installation of your product or service on our main delivery platform at

Please answer these three critical questions as completely as you can before I can schedule your appointment:

1. Do you have IT technical experience, or the staff to do these technical tasks?
2. Have you ever attempted multimedia marketing direct to your customer/client/end user?
3. What is you main product, service, talent or ability that you want to promote and/or sell?


If you wish to make a payment for a campaign, you may do so inside this ePub3 document. Please register with your email and password in the mobile platform. Then, click on this link to pay your campaign fee:

Thanks, and I hope you all have very happy holidays, under the restrictive conditions now in place.

Stay safe, be well, and prosper!

Jim Musgrave
Digital Marketing Consultant
EMRE Publishing, LLC
San Diego, CA 92120
Cell: 619-750-7360

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