The Schism Between Indie Authors and the Big, Commercial Press

This novel received so much “bad publicity” that I’m reading it. However, I’m reading it from the perspective of an indie author and publisher and not a member of the larger publishing houses in this land. I am, first and foremost, a lover of a well told tale that develops… Continue reading

Plan A and Plan B Pricing

Join the Slow Revolution to Sell Directly to Your Clientele Mission Statement:  “Our focus is to bring together entrepreneurs who focus on the quality of their products over profiteering, and who enjoy working personally with colleagues on cooperative marketing campaigns based on common product quality and personable relationships with each client.” Plan A Price: … Continue reading

The Real Life Characters in the Portia of the Pacific Historical Mystery Series

Historical Characters Brought to Life Author James Musgrave uses several characters in his mysteries who existed in history, including the main female sleuth, Mrs. Clara Shortridge Foltz.  Please click on the photo of each character to be taken to more information about their background and accomplishments in real life.  Click… Continue reading

Fans and Readers Become Characters and Suspects

As the first author to directly involve readers in his novels, in this case historical mysteries, James Musgrave, a self-published and independent entrepreneur and retired college professor, held a recent Rafflecopter raffle. Five of his readers were chosen to become suspects and/or red herrings in his third mystery. THE STOCKTON… Continue reading