ChatGPT4 Unmasked!

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I’m getting so many preorders for my new book and tutorial on ChatGPT4 that I am amazed, quite frankly. I suppose many writers out there are curious about what is really going on with this “new and improved” technology and what it is doing to make our lives better and/or worse.

Of course, as with most authors, writing a new book, especially one that involves critical thinking and analysis for the benefit of one’s peers, requires focus and many hours of research online. As I’ve written other books of this kind, it’s not too much pressure, even at my age. Although, I still have to crank out episodes of my new Auschwitz Dancer series, as well as write stories to be published in the paying markets out there for my short fiction.

In other words, a writer’s job is never done! As my professor friend, Don Murray, in Massachusetts, phrased it so well when teaching new writers, “Writing is thinking.” And since we all think most of the time, however wistfully and illogically at times, it’s still the processing of information we collect from all the fantastic sources out there in the digital wilds.

There’s a Method in ChatGPT4’s Madness

I found out another interesting result while testing ChatGPT4 for my author and writer friends. I experimented with it. I asked it to write a horror story about a witch in medieval times who gets tortured with the “Pear of Anguish,” which is an authentic device used on blasphemers, lunatics, and witches/wizards, during those happy, bygone days.
The result? I got a really crappy story with some details, but after it got to the part when the villagers begin to torture the witch, the program stopped and the words turned red, as if blushing in shame!
Then, I got a notice that told me that “this content may be inappropriate. Please give us feedback so we can improve the result.”
Not only did I get a big laugh out of it, I realized that the programmers wanted to get free feedback from other humans to censor content that was supposed to be free speech that anybody can write (if they’re human)! If you can see the paradox in that, congratulations! Also, the program used this torture device in a way I wouldn’t have. Since she’s a witch, they would use it up her “hooha” instead of her mouth, which was only done for blasphemers, whereas witches, who usually got accused for sexual deviance, got it up the v*gina!
Every author since God has noticed that creative paradox. I find it quite hilarious, but I still see the advantages of the ChatGPT program, and I can paraphrase the dilemma by on old Tarzan and Jane dialogue I changed for this purpose, “Me human. You computer.” Except, the humans in charge of ChatGPT4 are becoming as worried about being censored as everybody else, especially the teachers in Florida! LOL!
Thanks for your attention, and keep reading and writing, as both are required for one’s utmost literacy, even if you’re Norman Mailer, who only read his own stuff! I hate the tell Mr. Mailer, but that sounds a bit narcissistic, another term that’s being used quite often these days.
James Musgrave
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