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Publishers Like a Deal

We discovered a way to a publisher’s heart is through giving him or her a great deal.  When we exhibited at the Book Expo America on May 11-13, 2016, we were flooded with inquiries from publishers who wanted to be certain they were getting the best price for the best tailored application on the market.  We define “publisher” as any self-published author or publisher that represents one or more other authors or publishers.  For example, we worked a deal with a publisher of educational materials for dental hygienists who needed to distribute to over 700 medical professionals “in the field.”  We also worked a deal with a legal educator who wanted to teach his students “on the fly” to save on the overhead expenses of renting a hotel or auditorium.

Of course, we gave our leads the contacts of our satisfied customers, so they could discuss exactly how we work with our clients once they’ve signed on.  Just ask, and we’ll refer a present client who best represents your business model.


Begin Your New Publishing Venture with EMRE by Going Completely Mobile

We have priced our Mobile Embellisher™ “3-in-1” App for both the self-published author and the publisher who want to transition into the world of niche marketing and sales.  You can have your new publishing app up on your website in two days.  Here are the pricing options for you to consider:

Note:  The following plans are now in effect. Your plan will be in “beta,” so reporting of bugs and other problems will help us improve the application.  Report bugs inside the Mobile Forum under the “Feature Suggestions” thread.

Free Trial of the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing App for two weeks.  This will include:

  • When you first register, you will be asked whether or not you want to be at Author (free trial) level.
  • Author access to our application, which makes you, in effect, a Publisher.
  • You will be able to create eBooks inside the ePub Creator Studio, price them in our store, and then upload them into our eReader Library.
  • You will be able to access the Mobile Forum portion of our app to report bugs, converse about your experiences, and give advice to other authors/publishers.
  • You will be able to access the PhpList email campaign distribution software.


Short Tutorial on How to Access Your App

Optional Upgrade after Free Trial is Over

  • When the two weeks are up, you will be advised to delete your created eBooks that are for sale or you will be charged for an upgrade.

Unbranded App Installed on Your Server (should have Php-enabled and unlimited storage)

Perfect for Self-Published Authors and Small Businesses

  • We will install the app within 48 hours.
  • You will have full access to the Embellisher™ Creator Studio. Create your ePub3 (multimedia) and other formatted eBooks.
  • Your platform will be safe from eBook piracy.
  • You will have an installation of the Mobile Forum. Gives you a “Goodreads-type” teaching and discussion platform inside your app.
  • You will have an installation of the PhpList. Gives you your own niche email delivery software for promotional campaigns inside your app.
  • You will have an installation of the Embellisher™ eReader. Installs in three mobile formats:  Android, Apple and Google Chrome for readers to install.
  • You will have full installation of the Administrative component. Gives you full control of your book titles, promotion coupons and users of your app.

Note:  If you don’t have a website, we can get you one for $75 extra per year, and it will include a tailored domain name and unlimited storage.

Contact us to be invoiced.

Fully Tailored Turnkey App Installed on Your Server (should have Php-enabled and unlimited storage)

Perfect for Publishers and Large Businesses or Entrepreneurs

You receive all of the above plus:

    • Your app will have unlimited Author access for all your authors/publishers. This allows them to develop their own titles, price them, niche market them, and sell them directly to readers through the app and through conventional online publishers (if you wish).

In other words, publishers can afford to give higher royalties to their authors who implement this type of sales venue because these authors will be creating a unique market all their own to increase sales–and they will be in charge of it.

Large businesses and entrepreneurs will have a turnkey operation for which they can charge individual publishers/authors to use.

Contact us to be invoiced.

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