Chinawoman’s Chance and the Persecution of Chinese in America

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Free is nice. Including the first mystery in my Portia of the Pacific series, Chinawoman’s Chance.
Chinawoman's Chance
My novel was refused for review by an author who wrote historical Chinese novels because of my title alone. She thought it was “sexist.” She lived in China and wrote untrue accounts of Chinese history. As Vonnegut says, “…so it goes.” My novel’s plot is not true, either, but it’s based on the facts of how Chinese women and men were treated in this country. Some even say they’re mistreated today as well, but we all seem to be saying that lately, eh what? Somebody gets mistreated almost every day here.
Anyway, the hero of my mystery series, Clara Shortridge Foltz (they named the Los Angeles Hall of Justice after her), was the first woman appointed to the California State Bar in the Nineteenth Century. She was also one smart cookie, as you’ll see if you read the free novel.
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