Church Tax Status in 2022

We must tax the churches to save our republic. I am a former “victim” of religious training (i.e., Catholic indoctrination). I would like to speak about this idea of “tax the churches.” As this researcher points out, over $71 billion is lost in yearly revenue because religions, in general, are not taxed by the government.
However, the Supreme Court’s Catholic majority is making the movement toward churches and church-supported businesses getting federal money much easier. This compounds the problem to such a degree that it is shifting the balance of power in the House and Senate. This kind of government power by the church is something from the Middle Ages and their feudal system.
Of course, some politicians (like the Trump crowd) often simply use religion to get into office and to obtain kickbacks for their own efforts to bilk our government out of money, but an effective propaganda campaign is underway to trick the public into believing we are entering a “new age” of religious morals and discipline, and keeping our families intact, under the guise of family values and other antiquated sermons, which will create halcyon days of grandeur.

Single-Parent Families

I mean, just look at the facts. Most families today are single-parent households. Therefore, the religions are attempting to bring these (mostly women) into the fold in the same way they did in the Nineteenth Century, before we had government protection programs. Food, service, prayer, and strict obedience. That’s how they did it in the 1800s, and the same pattern of “values-based” education and indoctrination is being emphasized today.
Religious power is on the march. It is already powerful in many states already. States like Utah supply most of the money for medical and other welfare services through the Mormon Church’s auspices. Thousands of religious groups go to other countries to do outreach work. Many channel their “converts” into businesses run by the church, as cheap labor. Most importantly, the orphans in war-torn and impoverished countries are being harvested for big profits. They make them in mostly southern states through tax-free religious adoption businesses.
Mind you, all of this is tax-free. Screw the government. Who needs you, Uncle Sam? Just approve our tax-free status and give us money in the way of loans for our “holy business”. Education, as seen by the recent Supreme Court rulings, is becoming more and more infused with “religious prayer and apostolic fervor.” The rights of the Christians to pray openly is supported and encouraged. Never mind that it discriminates against all the non-Christian faiths or the atheists and non-believers.

When Was the Last President Not Religious?

When was the last candidate for President of the United States who was an atheist or agnostic? The only one I can think of is the former NBA basketball star and Senator from New York, Bill Bradley. He was almost immediately canceled from running because he refused to state his religious beliefs. He said it was “irrelevant to my leadership role,” which, in my considered opinion, it is.
What does being a president with a religion have to do with approving laws drafted by other legislator folks? Also, you can learn morals without any religious “training,” can’t you? If you send young men and women to their battle stations, as Commander in Chief, it’s a decision made from your heart and mind and not from your religious beliefs.
As a result, I will be watching this coming election cycle very closely. We are approaching a possible Republic ruled by the religious right-wing. It won’t be pretty if they get into power. Simply imagine how indoctrination works. What lengths do people go to in order to convince their “brethren” that only through “God” can they be saved?
Conflict and many wars, in fact, are now being motivated by this appeal. Look around, past your own family, into the wider world. It’s devastating when religious fervor and doctrinaire conviction mix with violent political power. 🥹😞 It’s not very spiritual for me to contemplate.
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