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If you’re thinking about or already sell fiction in the Romance and Erotica genres (and all the many sub-genres), then you may want to use the EMRE Publishing ePub3 Embellisher™ platform to move into an entirely different method. Here are some of the reasons why this system may help you launch a new book and/or series that will get you some added attention with your present and prospective readers.

Romance, as most authors already know, is the best-selling genre of fiction, and erotica is also making a lot of cash for its authors. The key, as most experienced authors (and I have forty years experience as an indie publisher/author) know is having an organized and systematic approach to marketing.

I don’t know what, if any, marketing approach you now use, but I know most of them. Our approach at EMRE may be new to you, but if it’s applied with “all your ducks in a row,” then you can move into a new area of romance inexpensively and attract a lot of reader attention as you launch. Here are the main reasons, and you can certainly compare them with what you’re now doing to get an idea of the approach and how much it will cost you:

The Time-Tested Breadcrumbs Approach to Marketing Your Books

  • Even if this is your first book or story, giving your reader a “taste” of what you do is the most effective way to get them signed-up to your newsletter.
  • If your mailing list is simply your private email account, and not Mailchimp or any of the other bigger list delivering systems, you still must grow it!
  • Since control of your audience (mailing list) is paramount to growing your popularity, it stands to reason you need the best way to attract new readership.
  • This is the main reason I’ve delivered my platform to the public: the need for utmost privacy, online reader security, and the innovative content to deliver to your constantly “hungry” readers, across all reading platforms, and direct to their in boxes.
  • Giving a “taste” means allowing the reader to experience your best first, meaning that you want them to sample the best you have to offer before they decide to buy.
  • Traditional methods of doing this task are social marketing, online (and in-store) book tours, and giving out free copies of what you have to offer.
  • However, with my Direct Story Tool approach to breadcrumb marketing, you can do all the above, except visiting the brick-and-mortar stores, and even more.
  • With the Embellisher™ platform, you can set-up your ducks at no cost to see first see how it works.
  • With this same ePub3 marketing platform, you can keep all the reader lists you have inside our highly secure database, or you can even supplement it with your own mailing system, such as Mailchimp, by exporting from that third-party list and importing it into your user database in the Embellisher™ platform (at admin level). Of course, you would want to inform your readership first before you move them into the ePub3 multimedia reading environment.
  • With our system, as you’ll see, your book launch can feature all you need to attract new readers, including an ePub3 (multimedia) delivery document they can read privately on any cell phone or PC device using the Embellisher eReader.

What Your First Launch ePub3 Document Can Include

  • Technically speaking, if you wished, you could include all the pages of your author’s website, which is not what this blog article is about, but I just wanted you to know that my system can handle that many pages of html copy. This platform has unlimited space you can use to load images, videos, audio files, and graphics into a single project.
  • Realistically speaking, you’ll be creating a single ePub3 document for your breadcrumb marketing approach. But what you can include should be the “tipping point” for you to decide to use our system.
  • In your first launch, you can include such items as: 1. The complete text of your story, novel, chapter, or sales document. 2. Any YouTube, Vimeo, or privately hosted video you want (including book trailers and your personal readings/greetings—literally anything in video format). 3. A complete audiobook narrative of the text portion inserted as a “playlist” inside our Creator Studio. 4. Direct links to sell at any of your third-party sales locations (online bookstores) including complete integration with the system, about which I reference in my tutorial video here. 5. Your newsletter signup form pasted into our html page in the Creator Studio (they’ll already be registered in your database inside the Embellisher™ platform (at admin level). 6. Upload of all graphics you wish to include in your Direct Story/Novel Launch. 7. A complete music playlist and/or an html exported playlist from SoundCloud or other music venue. These (and other) options are featured in the sample ePub3 documents you can view with your free registration here.
  • Also, in your first launch marketing, since our Creator Studio is java-capable, you can have any forms you need for registering your new followers who want an autographed paper copy of any of your offerings. Finally, using the handy “Authorgraph” online (free) program, you can supply personalized signature content for any books you may want to giveaway (the code can be pasted into your launch document inside the Creator Studio for the specific giveaway eBook(s) or contests).

Now That My Breadcrumbs Have Been Sprinkled, What Can I Do Now?

Because our platform is completely monetized with a backend store provided (at admin level), you can collect subscriptions for your effort and get paid, the way I do. In fact, for just $24.00 a year at admin level, you will have a private admin backdoor access, and you may integrate the entire platform onto your present website to use the launching system and take orders inside your ePub3 private sales platform as soon as you’ve uploaded your books into the admin store. That’s the idea, isn’t it? With breadcrumb marketing applied systematically using this platform, your goals should be to do the following:

  • Start an immediate “relationship” with new (and old) readers in the form of a fully developed and multimedia-supplied book launch.
  • Gain instant signups to your newsletter, and into the Embellisher system database for instantaneous delivery of future multimedia marketing materials.
  • Impress your readers by showing them what your future ePub3 romances and erotica can look like incorporating music, graphics, sound, and video (if desired).
  • Groom your readers into enjoying future multimedia eBooks while still supplying them with links to paperback, ePub, .pdf, and .mobi formats (even easier when you use outfits like and Draft2Digital, Smashwords, and Amazon).


  • You can register for free inside my eReader library right now (enter your email and password).
  • Use your same registration login and password and try-out our ePub3 Creator Studio. Tutorials are provided inside the Studio. You can also read the first blog in my series on this topic.
  • Focus on creating your first “breadcrumb” book launch document using your book cover(s), videos, audiobooks (perhaps only a chapter), and any other interactivity or giveaway features you wish to include from the above lists.
  • Beta test your book launch document (also for free with your new registration membership) with your current Mailchimp mailing list or even your private list of 50+ addresses. Ask them if they enjoy the experience and what they might want added/subtracted.
  • Finally, once you’re convinced our platform can be effective for you to develop a new book or a series, then sign-up for complete admin-level access, which will include full support and assistance.
  • My new website interface will become operational on the first of the new year 2022, so look for us then to roll-out our system in style!
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