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At EMRE Publishing, “We mix memories with your desires.”

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I am Jim Musgrave, the President and CEO of EMRE Publishing, LLC in San Diego, and we publish, promote, and sell enhanced (multimedia) .epub3 eBooks. We are looking to add some excellent new .epub3 titles to include in our Embellisher eReader app. You can see a demo of our app here.

This is exactly what we can do for you at EMRE:

  • With our tailored application, you not only get a branded look and feel of your own (and not Amazon or other middlemen), you also get total control over all inventory for sale, and each of your customers gets his or her own exclusive login and record of exact purchases made, and all the other information about them that you can use later for your own marketing efforts.
  • You can instant message buyers and readers directly to their cell phones about a sale or other promotion, or they can socially share right inside your app about a book or other product they want to show others before making the important buying decision.
  • You’ll also get a more personal “buzz” with potential buyers because they can create forum messages and book clubs around the books or products they like and also share those messaages with their friends.
  • We like to say we “keep all private sales decisions private” between you and the specific buyer:

  • Why should Amazon (or any other retailer) be the middleman between you and your customer in any way?
  • Why should you be paying for the fees Amazon (or any other middleman) charges when you can do it all inside your own app?
  • Why should your prospects get lost in the confusing maze of new windows interaction that they must go through on Amazon’s system?
  • Bottom line: why shouldn’t you keep 100% of the sales profit?
  • We also have our exclusive online ePub3 Creator Studio. With full access, you can create music playlists, choose your own story, insert videos, animations and specially-designed templates created by us. Try out our standard version right now:
    free access

    The Embellisher eReader Mobile Marketing App can be tailored to fit your business’s website design (with logo, etc.), and it can also conduct most of your clients’ and potential clients’ business communications inside the one app. Each user who registers on the website app or installs the mobile app will have his/her “library” of documents that are assigned by you to them, so when they access their installed app, these documents are automatically displayed on the user’s library desktop.

    What’s cool is that you can administer your user database and assign special publications to each user. For example, if the user is just a prospect, then you can assign your .epub3 formatted eBook filled with demo videos of your product and other literature meant for just prospects. On the other hand, if the person is a bona fide client, then you can assign him or her with eBooks that go with the client’s needs, such as invoices, product warranty/instructions, etc., so the client can read them on his/her mobile device and on his/her computer. We could also add the “charge card interactive” to your app, so the client can use the app to pay for orders.

    Using the ePub3 Creator Studio

    Enhanced eBook technology brings your title to life. Embedding video clips, sound bites and areas of animation all add to the experience of reading your eBook. Enhanced eBooks can be played on mobile devices, tablets or smart phones. We can develop great value enhanced eBooks to match your specification. Fixed Layout eBooks for the iPad and Kindle Fire will faithfully reproduce high design books like cookbooks, illustrated children’s books and other coffee table books. As Mashable highlights in the post “How Interactive eBooks Engage Readers and Enhance Learning,” it’s important to understand the distinction between apps and ebooks, because it often confuses both publishers and consumers. It basically comes down to formats; apps are mostly native iOS or Android software, whereas ebooks are documents of a particular format, such as the open standards EPUB and Mobipocket (.mobi). And ebooks can be further distinguished from “enhanced ebooks,” which use formats such as ePUB3 for iBooks (Apple) and Kindle Format 8 (KF8) for Kindle Fire (Amazon).

  • Worldwide Tablet PC sales to reach 126.2 million by the end of 2012
  • 84.1 million iPads sold since 2010
  • 44.2 million iPads sold since the start of 2012
  • Sales of children’s e-books nearly tripled over the first six months of this year compared with the same period in 2011 (PA)
  • Hachette sold more than 100,000 e-books in the UK on Christmas Day 2011, a 400 per cent increase compared to Christmas Eve
  • HarperCollins sold over 100,000 e-books in the UK and other overseas territories on Christmas Day
  • You can see our plans here (with costs).

    Therefore, if you want to make the buying process a simpler, easier and more private affair, please look at our Business Budget Plan so you can see what we mean when we say, “At EMRE Publishing, content is king!”

    Since our Embellisher will work on cross-platforms, and it is one of the only .epub3 eReaders now in use, you will have an exclusive platform for showing off your talents.

    Take a look at our plans below to see what fits your needs right now.

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