Dahmer versus Chikatilo for Halloween Thrills: Chikatilo Wins! (For Adults Only)

Compared to my killer, Jeffrey Dahmer was Sleeping Beauty!

For Adults Only!

Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo

Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo,”The Red Ripper”

“Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” is currently Netflix’s most-watched title, according to its self-reported data released September 27, amassing more than 196 million viewing hours in the past week.

Both of these “monsters” worked and were tracked by authorities during almost the same time period: Dahmer: 1978-1991 (17 all male victims). Chikatilo: 1978-1990 (over 50 victims of both genders). Both were cannibals, but Chikatilo also kept trophies of his victims’ sex organs and put them inside an “artistic mosaic display” in his killing shack. Also, Chikatilo was a proud Communist Party Member who believed he was doing the government a “service” by disposing of the lowlife scum of Soviet-era Russia. Dahmer was basically apolitical and not very intelligent. Andrei was a successful school teacher for many years and was very educated.

The documentary on Netflix is completely “non-fiction,” allegedly. My book is based on factual research that goes back to Chikatilo’s childhood and progresses into his killing phase, but it also has a fictional “twist” in that his pursuer (an Ingush Muslim Detective) decides to use his prey as a hit man for the Russian Mafia, so he can get his family out of the crumbling Soviet Union to the United States of America.

Similar to Joyce Carol Oates’s novel about Dahmer Zombie, I wanted my tale to take on a more profound symbolic, political, and artistic significance. With the atrocities showing up in Ukraine these days, it looks like my man Chikatilo might have been more symbolic than even he would have believed, proud Communist Party Member that he was! Who knows? Putin may have even drafted him.

Of course, as a teacher for twenty-five years, the real-life figure of Andrei Chikatilo is much more horrific to me than Jeffrey Dahmer ever could be. I find Dahmer more pathetic and sad, than he is symbolic of corruption and war. That’s just me. Tell me what you think if you watch the documentary on Dahmer and read my “true crime” novel, Russian Wolves. Seriously, my novel is much more graphic and “in your head” than the documentary on Dahmer or even on Chikatilo (“Red Ripper”). So, don’t read my thriller if you’re squeamish.

Read the review I posted on the landing page by one of my “fans” (plus a free sample of the novel). She explains the fear factor better than I can.

Happy Halloween!

James Musgrave

San Diego, CA

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  1. Bonnie Haynes

    Isnt a monster in the eye and or brain of the beholder?

    1. jamesmusgrave

      In addition, since my previous reply didn’t make much sense, megalomaniacs have always frightened me much more than other types of “monstrous” mental illnesses.

  2. candy westenberger

    True 💓

    1. jamesmusgrave

      Thanks. I like your “tastes.”

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