Doomers or Boomers? That is the question.

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One of my loyal fans wrote back to me about my story featuring former President (and high-pressure con artist) Donald J. Trump. She wanted to know why I would have the audacity to write a story about him and give him “free publicity.” I told her my story The President’s Parasite was satire meant to ridicule this guy by my best talent: art.

Jonathan Swift (Gulliver’s Travels) did it back in England with his essay “A Modest Proposal,” wherein he advocated that the wealthy class in England not waste the overpopulation going on in Ireland by eating their young as a delicacy. Perhaps she gets my point? Swift, as matter of fact, almost became a non-talking head on the London Bridge over that one! So, we artists take chances when we choose to ridicule the rich, powerful and political. Ask Vlad Putin what he would do to you, or Xi in China.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Once in a rare while, as an author, you find a “sweet spot” publication that fits your creepy and weird mind perfectly. This new publisher, “A Rock and a Hard Place,” is one such entity por moi.

In fact, not only did I submit to their next anthology The One Percent: Tales of the Super Wealthy and Depraved, but I suggested a new theme anthology based on “Doomers.” How’s that for sucking on their noir-loving tits (or teats)? One of the independent sociopolitical columnists that I read religiously, Jessica Wildfire, wrote about this “Doomer” concept, Perhaps you can relate?

I didn’t know that “Doomer” was a real thing. I guess so. I actually like that moniker better than “Boomer.” The latter always reminds me of those old boom boxes. Did you know one wife actually killed her husband by cracking his skull with a boom box? True story.

Love these lines by Wildfire: “It’s worth pointing out that climate scientists didn’t come up with Net Zero by 2050. That was offered by the IEA as a ‘normative path.’ It’s been embraced by corporations and politicians, because it hovers safely in the distant future. It allows for two more decades of empty promises and excuses. Most climate scientists are telling us we’re out of time, here and now.”

I actually wrote an entire dystopian SciFi novel called Life in 2050. It’s a real DOOMER! Read it if you enjoy hell on Earth! LOL!

Oh. Yes, and I’ll be wearing a Doomer tee shirt. My grandkids will love it!
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