The Dark Side of Science and Dr. Carl Sagan as Environmentalist

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As I read again a book by Dr. Carl Sagan, who was not liked by many space scientists because he was first an environmentalist who wanted to save this world, I noted that he bemoaned the fact that in the United States, despite all the technological and medical advances, the public was still 95% science illiterate. And this was before STEM. I met Dr. Sagan at Caltech, and he proved his worth to me, both as an empathetic human, but, most importantly, as a scientist who had the vision to see the true light science can bring if we don’t get shut-out by the dark ignorance and the fear-mongers surrounding us each day.

Today, it seems he was also correct about politicians in our government having a one percent knowledge about how science should be used to protect us from our own idiocy and lack of intelligence concerning Nature. They seem more concerned about protecting their private investments.

These private (Musk) investment enterprises to compete in the “wild wilderness of Space,” are also polluting our natural flora and fauna, as well as adding to the world-wide Climate Crisis that’s killing off entire species, destroying rain forests, and putting the so-called “developing world” in a death-grip of global warming.

Dr. Sagan’s book is called The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark. Frankly, I’m afraid of the “dark” that is engulfing us as a species right now. The ignorance is astounding! Remember, students, the root word in “ignorance” is “ignore.”

Finally, those of you who read my fiction know I am also a dark optimist. In other words, I show characters who bring the light, who are trapped in some kind of dark prison of ignorance surrounding them, hoping their individual intelligence can get them out of their existential labyrinth. As my featured novel (and coloring book!) Serene illustrates:



While working as a psychiatrist in the Israeli Army, Dr. Rachel Edelstein treats two IDF soldiers who had also been members of the Omshanti ashram back home. When they are murdered in a strangely anti-Semitic way, and no DNA evidence can be found, she decides to resign her commission and return to California to try to solve the murders.

So, while getting frightened by a dystopian mystery that takes you to the dark side of Israel, you can also chill out by coloring the pictures!

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James Musgrave

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