eBook Conversion Services


eBook Conversion Services

Whether you publish novels or high-design journals or art books,
EMRE Publishing’s eBook Conversion Service brings your content to life,
with a range of eBook options to suit every budget and title.

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Ranging from mainstream ‘reflowable’ formats, to interactive eBooks, fixed format files, embedded video clips, sound bites and animation, our service can transform your titles into a multimedia user experience. Our in-house quality assurance team will look after your eBook conversion from beginning to end. We promise to provide our clients with high quality and retailer approved titles that meet all international eBook standards.

At EMRE Publishing, we work to exceptionally high standards to meet our customer’s expectations of quality and accuracy. We aim to create clean and easily editable ebook files that will display correctly and function on all devices.We will never use an automated or robotic conversion process which can destroy the look and layout of your book and introduce hyphenation, spacing and paragraph level errors. We ensure the text accuracy at each stage of the conversion process from text extraction through proofreading and code reviews to final QA tests.

  • Customers upload final design files via FTP or to Dropbox
  • EMRE Publishing will assess the files and generate a quote to best fit the book
  • Quote approved by client
  • Files are put in to production with instructions to our conversion team
  • Turnaround time 7-10 working days for reflowable files, 10-14 days for fixed format or ePub 3 files.
  • Converted files delivered to client via FTP or Dropbox for approval.
  • Queries or amendments will be completed within 5 days of receipt.
  • Only new editorial or design changes incur an additional cost to the client.

Conversions are quoted for individually and vary in price depending on the level of complexity.

  • SIMPLE is usually text only titles, with less than 5 images, no links etc and is generally for Fiction, Poetry titles etc.
  • MEDIUM level refers to titles with a mix of hyperlinking, endnotes, footnotes, lists, unique paragraph formatting or other complexities spread throughout.
  • COMPLEX conversions refers to titles with multi-column text, mathematical quotations, pullquotes, sidebars etc.
  • FIXED FORMAT books will be assessed and quoted individually to provide the best solution.

In addition to standard reflowable eBooks, we also produce fixed format eBooks. These are more suitable for books with complex designs such as Children’s Books, Scientific Books, Business Books and Cookery Books.  FIXED LAYOUT conversions are ideal for highly illustrated or complex design books and will retain exact design and rich text.  Our experienced team offer conversion into the following formats: We produce ePub 2 or 3 Fixed format files suitable for Apple and Kobo and KF8 files for Amazon Kindle Fire. We can also produce files for Nook as PagePerfect PDFs or NookKids proprietary EPIB file. WE CAN ALSO CONVERT YOUR EXISTING EPUB 2.0 FIXED FORMAT FILES TO EPUB 3.0 COMPATIBLE FILES.

EPUB 3.0

New features supported in the ePub 3.0 standard include multicolumn support, interactivity using scripts, global language support, MATH ML support (i.e., the display of mathematical equations), and media overlays (e.g., read-a-long features). Book designers will be delighted to know that embedded fonts, drop caps, floating elements, text on background images, numbered and bulleted lists and fine control over leading (line spacing) are also part of the new standard.  The capabilities of ePub 3.0 include:

  • Multi-column support
  • Audio and video enhancement
  • Interactivity and Animation
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3 support
  • Multilingual / global language support
  • Web font support (WOFF) in addition to true type fonts
  • Media Overlays (e.g., audio sync with text, or read aloud feature)

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