Marketing Explosion

New Marketing Tools to be Added to the Embellisher Publishing System

May 24, 2015, San Diego, CA

Chief Executive Officer of EMRE Publishing, LLC, Jim Musgrave, has announced a new emphasis on creating marketing tools for clients.  With direct instructions from the boss, the lead developer of the Embellisher eReader App, Author and Reader Forum, and ePub Creator Studio, Bas Van Stein, has begun work on the following direct marketing tools:

1.  Create an easy way to establish the link that goes to each book in the store.  It could just be a way the user could copy the complete link and insert it inside an email.  We can do this easily, but some people find this difficult to find the book’s id and then insert inside the proper link.

2.  Create an “ad card template” that can be used in Google Adwords and Twitter.  Ideally, the user could upload this into their Google Ads and Twitter Business Ads to use when setting up a campaign.  They should be able to feature an image from the book they want to sell inside the template and also use the “store link” above.

3.  Create a “book excerpting” system inside the app.  Basically, it allows the user to create a short sample of their book inside a pop-up that readers can see inside the eReader.  They also track interactions with this “bubble” with analytics (Google?).  To make this even more awesome and valuable, if you could figure out a way to also insert YouTube playlists, which can promote book trailers, interviews with author, etc., that would be an additional bonus.

4.  A cool way to connect Authorgraph to our app.  This would entail the reader being able to order a signed copy of the book from the author inside the Embellisher.

5.  If possible, could you connect Skype to the Embellisher eReader in some way?  This would allow authors who are at a brick-and-mortar store or other readings a way to broadcast their presentations to their followers.  I would imagine having it as a live feed would not be possible, but maybe you know of a way?

6.  This may not be possible, but I was thinking if you could create a promo engine similar to what Bookshout has, that would be awesome.  From what I hear, they don’t even publish titles.  They simply broadcast an email template filled with free and paid eBooks that the reader can click on to access.  I was thinking we could have such a sales template that our authors could use to market their embellished books inside the eReader store.  This template should be able to be loaded into email software to use in an email sales campaign.

7.  A new “Children’s and Young Adult Genre” author’s template, which will include ways to create animations and drawing tools to add unique artistic touches.

In addition to these tools, the ePub Creator Studio will also be able to export eBooks in .pdf and .mobi formats, so authors can publish “non-ePub3” formatted eBooks (without video and javascript content) and save them.  They can then sell them on conventional distribution channels such as Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu and Kobo, and others, and distribute samples to places like Slideshare.com.  Finally, the Embellisher Publishing system will be made available as an app to the users of the Constantcontact email website, one of the leaders in direct email marketing software.

Musgrave says clients can expect these added features in about two weeks.  “Yes, Bas can create that fast,” he added, with a smile.

For further information, contact the publisher at:  publisher@emrepublishing.com

How to Publish an Enhanced eBook

Steps to Publish an Awesome Enhanced eBook

The Wired article that I mentioned in my previous blog post brought up the crucial point about what publishers (whether authors or independents) need to decide when they have an enhanced eBook to sell.  Here’s a list of crucial steps to keep in mind once you’ve created your first embellished ebook:

1.  Be certain your delivery system can provide access to all mobile devices.
2.  Establish a social relationship with your reader.
3.  Guarantee that the multimedia you include actually enhances and does not distract from the story being told.
4.  Be certain your enhanced features are truly interactive and engaging to the reader.


Embellisher™  is best online publishing platform to create, publish and market ePub3 multimedia books to globally.


How to Accomplish the Steps

As to the first point, many big publishers have opted to create an app eBook to ensure that it will play on the most mobile devices.  Naturally, this works, but of course this option is quite expensive, and only the “big dogs” can really afford to take this route.  Independent authors and publishers, on the other hand, are always on the look-out for ways to deliver and sell their enhanced eBooks that are not so expensive.  These methods include using HTML5 coded websites where the reader can access the ePub3 formatted eBooks as well as creating or buying some type of eReader with a delivery system that will allow the reader to experience the multimedia without technical problems.  The second point is accomplished when the author and independent publisher use online social media to its best advantage.  The third point is assured when each video, audio and graphic is examined to be certain it adds to the deepening of the story or to an innovative way of talking with the characters involved in the story.  The final point is made when the interactivity is both engaging to the reader and also relevant to the plot of your story.

Common Mistakes

The common mistakes authors and publishers make when creating an enhanced eBook are the following:

1.  Not testing the eBook before it gets into the sales channels.

2.  Not preparing a preorder marketing plan before the release date.

3.  Not providing a way for the reader to complain or give feedback inside the eBook.

4.  Not providing any of proper 1-4 steps listed previously.

Being Proprietary is Not Being Flexible

The ways to create and deliver multimedia eBooks are slowly evolving.  Amazon just bought the Comixology platform, which means they want to provide an interactive experience inside their Kindle system.  Also, Apple has its iBooks platform.  However, the disadvantage to indie authors and publishers is that these “big dog” answers are all proprietary, giving the ultimate advantage to them and not to the author. 

We at EMRE Publishing have spent all our time creating a system that provides answers to all the points raised in this article.  In fact, we are offering a free access plan whereby the author and/or indie publisher can see how it works by doing it.  We know that unless our clients are assured that their creativity will be able to be delivered to the right audience, with the widest cross-platform mobile access, and the best interactive experience inside an eReader specially developed with flexibility and not proprietary profit in mind, then they will not stay with us.

CEO Jim Musgrave and wife Ellen

CEO Jim Musgrave and wife Ellen

Why an eBook?

(Note:  This is the first blog in a series that will discuss the evolution of multimedia eBooks and how artists can learn the skills necessary to compete in this creative new world of digital immersion.)

A No-Brainer

There are many “no brainer” questions in the world, but “why an eBook” has to be one of the all-time slam-dunks.  Before eBooks there was the world of what I like to call “imagination stress.”  Of course, as an author and publisher, I understand that creativity is an ingredient that cannot be replaced.  If a story sucks, it sucks whether it’s in digital format or in an “old school” paper book.

Technology Must Work for the Reader

However, stress was always a factor inside a conventional book.  Not only was it stressful to physically turn pages, take notes, and read the print size (not to mention the case of the blind who needed “special Braille formatted books”), it was stressful developing a vocabulary that could take-in all the imagery being carefully crafted by the author.  Don’t get me wrong.  I was a Professor of English for many years, so I understand the importance of a reader’s “labor” to gain the skills necessary to understand and appreciate the hard work done by an intelligent creative author.  It’s just that I also know that technology can work for the reader or it can work against the reader, and today’s digital technology must work to assist the reader and make the “experience” of reading more entertaining and even—yes—more artistic.

The Interactive eBook

The facts are that digital books are outselling paper books.  Not only that, but independent authors are learning the skills to compete with their “big publishing” counterparts, thus creating a bold new paradigm in the reading experience.  What is this paradigm?  It is what I like to call the “interactive eBook.”  This paradigm shift has already happened in the Children’s eBook world.  And, as in the previous reader world of paper comic books, wherein children enjoyed color, art and action, so too are today’s children flocking to experience the tactile and multi-sensory engagement of the interactive eBook.  Therefore, if today’s authors are to compete in the new world of interactive eBooks, they must also learn the skills to enhance or, as we like to call it at EMRE Publishing, “embellish” their craft for the new audience now being created in the children’s book world.

Multimedia Companies

In a recent Wired article, the author makes a point of saying publishers must “become multimedia companies.”  That means they must learn how to add media enhancements to all of their digital products or face ultimate failure in the marketplace.  We at EMRE Publishing have made it our singular goal to train and to provide the skills these independent publishers need to compete in this changing world of digital competition.  No matter how much we may try to believe readers will remain in the old world of “sensory stress,” the fact is that they want the immersive power that their mobile platforms provide, and we want to help our clients become the artists who can provide the content for this Brave New Multimedia World.

CEO Jim Musgrave and wife Ellen
CEO Jim Musgrave and wife Ellen

Hidden Features

Those authors who are on the fence about becoming a premium member should take a look at these special features included in the program’s interface:

  • Create interactive “choose your own plot” story lines.
  • This feature allows the author to talk directly to the reader and give them options and choices to be made that can determine the way characters behave inside the story. This was modeled after the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books so popular in the past with children in paperback format. The digital format lends itself more successfully to this feature.
    • It can also be used in academic eTexts to address the student directly in the text and give her additional information that appears once the
      hypertext is activated. Click again, and the information disappears.
  • Send direct links to your readers by email which connect to multimedia eBooks you’ve created and uploaded in the Store. Readers click on the link and
    your book can then be read or purchased by them. Once purchased, the book becomes an automatic part of the buyer’s personal library and database. The
    code looks like this: https://emrepublishing.com/embellisher-ereader/?bookid=65

    • Authors can also use this feature to send out pre-order forms inside a promotional eBook that lists a book or books coming out in the future.
      Authors can also include tracking code to see how readers respond.
    • Teachers can use this feature to notify students of quizzes and exams created in an eBook or to feature a new eText book that’s required for the
  • The note-taking feature inside the Embellisher eReader is saved cross-platform. This means that when the reader takes notes reading on his iPhone, he
    can then open his iPad Embellisher app and the same notes will be there. Therefore, your readers can take their notes wherever they travel and whenever
    they want to read them.
  • Authors can create music playlists inside the studio that feature tunes which correspond directly with the content of your embellished eBook.
    • In addition, this feature can be used to create corresponding audiobook reads that can be used by the blind to experience your eBook as a dramatic
      reading by a professional actor or performer.
  • Authors can insert and embed videos and playlists. Places such as 8-Track offer embed codes that can be used for this purpose. Of course sites like
    YouTube and Vimeo are also used to embed special videos inside your eBook.

    • If you decide to keep your media on our website, you can save your videos online. Once inserted inside your eBook they can play without a problem
      inside the Embellisher, and they won’t contain any “hacker ads” that seem to plague the YouTube videos.
    • Authors can be assured that the reader will be able to play the videos they insert or embed because special code has been created in Javascript
      instructing the application to play inside most mobile platforms.

Possible Expansion

Retail Stands
Walmart Kiosk

We’re setting up a possible partnership with Enthrill, based in Calgary. They provide eBooks to brick-and-mortar outlets, and they landed a big deal with Walmart. They have no mobile presence, so we’ll be providing it for them along with our ePub3 app and accompanying technology. Great chance to expand my company’s reach! http://enthrill.com

This means clients of the Embellisher will get the chance to expand their sales (both POD and eBooks) into many more venues (including Walmart). This is the best chance for indie authors and publishers that has come along, so join the Embellisher Brigade today!

Three Easy Steps

Learn the ePub3 Creator Studio for Free


Step 1:  Watch the video.


Step 2:  Register for the Embellisher eReader (HTML5 or app).


Step 3:  Once you’re registered, you can read and enter the new world of creating ePub3 embellished eBooks on your own—for free–to hit your target audience (click to access the ePub3 Creator Studio):


ePub3 Creator Studio

Free Titles Inside the Embellisher eReader


Steam City Pirates Book CoverForevermore cover with prizesrunning with the big dogs coverThe Family Love Time Capsule cover

Extra! Use coupon code 1315 and get a free copy of the award-winning short story, “The Kissing Bandit.” Get “The Kissing Bandit”


Free Sample Embellished Titles

Forevermore (Choose Your Own Mystery)
Entropy: Aphrodite’s Pleasure Palace (embellished)
The Night Visitors (enhanced horror serial)
Welcome to EMRE Publishing, LLC (company description)

Library Journal Features SCP





Jim Musgrave’s Steampunk SciFi Novel

Chosen by the Library Journal


Wednesday, March 4, 2015, San Diego, CA

EMRE Publishing, LLC, is proud to announce that the fourth novel in the best-selling Detective Pat O’Malley Series, Steam City Pirates, has been honored as a “Featured Selection” by the Library Journal.  It will be in the catalog and distributed to all major libraries.  This program is called “Self-e,” and allows independent and self-published authors and publishers to get recognition for chosen titles.

Top Ten Reasons the ePub3 Creator Studio is the Best Way to Create Multimedia Content

Top Ten Reasons the ePub3 Creator Studio is the Best Way to Create Multimedia Content





The studio was developed by an established, independent author. Jim Musgrave wanted an intuitive and dynamic way to publish multimedia content that will establish a new trend in reading within the Embellisher eReader. Continue reading Top Ten Reasons the ePub3 Creator Studio is the Best Way to Create Multimedia Content

Birdman as Independent Artist

I was quite happy that the film, Birdman (or, the unexpected virtue of ignorance), won the Best Picture Award. The idea that Man is a creature attempting to fly beyond his own ego is quite ancient. Of course, the Greeks played around with it in the little story about Daedalus and his spunky son, Icarus. The spiritual types like Gautama Buddha found their resting spot, as did Riggan Thomson when he flew out the hospital window, but one expects he may end up flying too close to the sun and burn up.

Like his name, the “game” he’s playing is “rigged” (Riggan) by the Mike Shiners of the world (he only feels magical when he’s on stage). I submit that publishing is like this “game” right now. The Shiners of the world have taken over. Ever heard the expression “shining you on”? It means, I am playing you just to use your own emotions against you for my benefit. This is the “ego” speaking. Big publishing, for the most part, has become a stage whereupon egos are placed in order be taken advantage of for commercial ends. We all know about the one percent. There are authors in that group also. And actors. And politicians, ad infinitum, down to the everyday business person.

The beauty of Birdman is what he “doesn’t know.” This is the “unexpected ignorance” that becomes virtuous. Another aphorism that serves as an artistic leveler in this great film: “to cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face” is what Riggan literally does to escape his ego and allow him to soar freely with his family’s love. To live with one’s own imperfections intact (what Shiner cannot do, and what big publishing and big studios increasingly have a difficult time doing) is the meaning behind this great film. Once Riggan shoots himself in the face (the actor’s hallowed ground), he becomes his true self as soaring artist.

I believe the indie artistic movement, which my business at EMRE Publishing represents, by the way, is a bit like Riggan Thomson. We need to get our noses blasted off a few times in order to appreciate the value (virtue) of our own artistic talents. The nose, of course, is the symbol of the frail ego. Did you ever notice that you can always see your nose? When one meditates or gets stoned, the nose becomes a focus of attention. Why? Because it points you to the reality of the present moment. Like jazz, it’s a free expression of one’s inner freedom that cannot be destroyed unless we blast it off. It seems some of the “religionists” in the world want to blast the independent spirit right off the map! For our own “good,” mind you.

The beginning of Birdman is like the beginning of any artistic movement. A person takes a chance with an idea (adapting a Raymond Carver story–huh?), while, all along, one’s true identity is supposedly lurking beneath like some Superhero trying to “save the day.” This superhero is big publishing, big studios, big business, you know, the one percent. They know what makes money, and they stick with it, riding it until it fades away, as all lousy commercial art ultimately does. Comic book heroes? Aren’t these the supermen of our religions? We want them to make everything right and restore us to sanity. Oh, but when we try to fly off on our own, we’d better watch out! You dare to crawl down off the butterfly exhibit we have you pasted into? You ungrateful wretch! The Riggan Thomsons of the world are the independent artists who make it on their own as individual artists. Sure, they get their noses shot off a time or two, but then they can still soar like eagles.

I want to give independent artists a chance to soar. No rigged game. No shining you on. Just a little multimedia studio to combine your talent with tools to exercise your wings. Of course, if your experiment gets too popular, you just might attract the studios. But hey, we all knew what they were about anyway, right? The one percent still have to look at their own noses once in a while too. The talent is being able to smell your own shit and know it’s just shit and not art. Riggan Thomson’s “ignorance” was in not knowing he already had superpowers—literally—thanks to magical realism and the magic of the movie screen’s expression of an artistic story.