Elon Musk and his underwear of “absolute free speech.”

As Emily Litella used to say, “What’s all this I hear about free peach? Where can I get some?”
“No, it’s free speech. Not free peach.”
Emily, “Never mind.”
Seriously though, in all societies, throughout human history, it’s never been about (what Elon Musk calls) “absolute free speech” for everybody. He should know this. Oh. Wait. He never finished college at Stanford, and he says folks don’t even need college and/or high school!
Well, the fact of the matter is that this WWW (World Wide Web) I’m now writing from was established to give people safety communications in the event of a nuclear and/or (God forbid) natural disaster. Wow! What a concept, huh Putin and/or Biden and/or Xi, etc., etc.?
No, the issue has always been who “controls” free speech and why do they want to control it. For example, I can be a poor native living in the rain forests and singing during a “free” down pouring of rain. I can speak freely about all the stealing of land to grow hamburgers or food for the animals who fill hamburgers, and nobody will do anything to me. But if somebody with access to high technology, oh, let’s say somebody like Elon Musk, wants to put a “bug” in my forest canopy to hear what I say, then that’s the REAL issue at hand when we talk about “free speech.”
The Internet has never, ever, been about giving folks the “right” (First Amendment style) of speaking or “joking” freely. In fact, since laws were first written in the history of humanity, they’ve always been about “control” of who gets “the conch shell to speak,” as expressed in the book that’s probably banned in South Carolina right now, “Lord of the Flies.”
So, don’t get your tighty-whities in an uproar, Mr. Musk. Go back to school and learn how the concept of “free speech” evolved, and what it may be “devolving” into today. That’s the issue. Who controls free speech and why do they want to control it. Or, who has the access to control, and why do they choose to control it? 🧐
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