Embellisher Co-op

Pay for the App Install and Join Your Genre

We know self-published authors have a difficult time affording both marketing and distribution of their books.  That’s why we’ve decided to promote a new price deal for authors that can be a game-changer for you and your titles.  It’s called the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing Platform Cooperative.

Join Together to Decrease Costs and Increase Exposure

Look at this deal as a way to afford the latest mobile creation and marketing system at a price you can afford.  Not only that, but if you join together with the right group of authors, you can increase your following and add to your bottom line sales figures.

Take these steps and you’re in:

  • Step 2:  Decide which of the three installations will be most advantageous to your work and specific genre titles.
  • Step 3:  Enter our app’s online mobile forum and join the thread that represents your choice of installation (step 2).
  • Step 4:  Negotiate with other authors to decide how you want to establish your branded application.  Divide the payments between fellow authors and decide how the administration of your platform will be handled.
  • Step 5:  Discuss with us which of the three installations you have decided you need and whether you need a website and domain included, which costs extra.  Also, decide whether your group wants to purchase any extras for your installation.



Five authors decide to publish self-help books together.  They discuss their needs and decide the $750 exclusive installation would best fit what they want to do.  Each pays a share of $150, and they receive the installation on a server of their choice in 48 hours.  They get a fully tailored mobile publishing app, and each member will be able to create, price, upload and bank (using Stripe payments) separately.  They can also market and campaign directly to the collected email audience they compile using our PhpList program.

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