Embellisher Extras

Extra Options to Add to Your Embellisher eReader App Installation

Customized Branding Feature

This tailoring feature adds a logo for the “about” screen, logo on the eReader App and a logo for the Admin.  It also includes the primary color changes:  color of the buttons and the navigation bar.

Forum Feature

This feature adds user groups, messaging, forum threads and categories.  The User registration and login are integrated in the Embellisher App.

Google Maps

This feature adds maps wherever you want them inside your app. For example, if you have an interactive eBook that needs to show a location, it will pull that location up for the reader. This is good for sales collateral as well as historical mysteries. A separate screen inside the app with location markers.

Cell Phone Scan SKU Feature

The user scans a QR code that is made in the admin interface and placed on the customer’s preferred location.

User Behavior Monitoring System

This feature adds Google Analytics to your Embellisher App. Reports are available for a variety of analyses to report to your advertisers and authors.

Promosimple Embed Feature

Admin can add promosimple embed code into the store of the Embellisher eReader App. This code will be displayed before all the other books (can be any kind of code; YouTube and Vimeo videos for book trailers and other purposes are also possible).


This feature adds a quality narrator voice to read the books in your library. This is a great extra for children’s books and for the blind.

Have your own ideas?

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