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Ideas for Embellishments

Here are some creative possibilities that have been used by authors,
artists and families when employing our enhanced eBook and application talents.
We work one-on-one with each client to maintain the strongest
possible relationship as the project goes forward.
For a filmmaker…

A filmmaker created his own “calling card” by using video shots that showed the viewer his “signature style” and how interesting his approach to film was. With the addition of audio soundtracks and some animation, the project became a fascinating exploration into the mind of our client and his vision. Potential producers were able to see how the shots were undertaken, how his dialogue worked in chosen scenes, and how his style was so uniquely exciting in many different ways.

For a wedding…

A family hired us to create a totally unique wedding eBook. We used CSS to create styles that both families were able to agree upon, and the interactivity was divided as to the chronology of the events. We added both private digital images and professional video that was taken at the wedding. We also had interviews with members of both sides of the family that were included in the logical framework of the presentation. Music, dancing and humorous revelry were all an important part of this heirloom, which could be shared for years to come by all members of the immediate and extended families.

For Steampunkers…

A Steampunk group, holding a gathering at a Victorian mansion in San Diego, wanted to create a remembrance of that occasion, so we created a montage of interactive videos and images that displayed the creative genius of this group. Since many were artisans in their own right, we connected their individual gallery displays to each member of the group so that other interested Steampunkers could buy their arts and crafts right inside the eBook. There was a Steampunk novelist, a jewelry maker, a costume designer, and each was shown in a different room of the antique mansion. The eBook clickable elements gave the reader the idea that they were enjoying a romp in a haunted mansion, and each room displayed a different setting of weaponry, magic and even time travel! This was a memorable experience, and the resulting enhanced eBook served as both a memory token and sales tool for this most enterprising group.

For a chef…

The “High Tech Chef” was a local television cook who used the latest high tech cooking devices to create interesting recipes. We worked with his station to create an interactively enhanced eBook that could be downloaded and installed by viewers to get the episode videos of his cooking instruction as well as links to the online websites where they could buy the electronic cookware and other devices. There was also a full-color virtual cookbook with the detailed descriptions of the various episodes’ recipes. We also added interactive elements, such as maps of the regional cuisine and where it was most prevalent, and viewers could also ask questions of the chef about the different processes he was exhibiting in his episodes.

For an author…

An author used our app to formulate a uniquely interactive eBook. As we were able to connect this author with a wide range of special audiences unique to the genre she worked in, she therefore wanted to create a tasty sampling of her best fiction in one package and deliver it directly to her unique followers. As a writer in the Romantic Science Fiction genre, she was able to utilize the specially selected video clips, sound tracks and unique illustrations by our artists on staff. These artists worked with her to create heart-pounding recreations of some of her most romantic love scenes. Together with carefully chosen music and the visual artistry of our enhanced eBook developers, this author was able to create the exact image she wanted for her prospective readers.

For a reunion…

One family wanted to create an interactively enjoyable rendition of a special family reunion held in an old English castle. They had already taken hundreds of videos and stills of the reunion, but they had no way of ordering it into a meaningful presentation. We were able to work with this family to create a most unique display. Incorporating the use of black-and-white video aging, we made the videos appear like they were featuring characters from the Middle Ages. Yes, the family chose to be in costume for this reunion, and the result was quite humorous and interactively fun. For example, when the viewer would click on a character, the viewer would be transported into a video that represented that character’s dress. A family knight would turn into a charging Black Knight with lance at the ready, or a Court Jester would go into a funny skit about hiding under the queen’s dresses. We were able to turn the available videos into a multimedia diorama of specially chosen clips and funny images.

For “choose your own adventure…”

Another author client totally converted his Steampunk mystery into an interactive, “choose your own mystery” app that gave the user a unique way to enjoy a book that was already popular in its conventional eBook formats. Our staff writer, Janet Bernice, created interesting choices at strategic parts of the mystery, so the audience could take alternate paths in the mystery. Combined with enhancements of music, guided tours, and unique video clips, the same audience was able to see this popular eBook in an entirely new light.

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Have your own idea? Let us help make your dream a reality.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities for your own project. The most enjoyable part of our job is working with clients to create interesting uses for our unique embellishments.


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