EMRE Rolls-Out New Turnkey App at BEA in Chicago

A New Era in Mobile Publishing Has Begun


EMRE Publishing, LLC will be attending the May 11-13, 2016 BookExpo America (BEA) to hawk our wares in booth 976A.

We’re also buying some click banner ads to show in the digital registration materials, and we’ll be rolling out our new version of the Embellisher App for publishers to take a look at.  It will be a “turnkey” version that allows a small, medium (or even large) publisher to convert their titles to a completely mobile configuration.

In other words, they can license an installation from us to be installed on their website to give them the ability to have each of their authors become “individually mobile businesses,” with his/her own store, creator studio (for .epub2 and .epub3 titles), and online forum (for direct mobile communications and teaching through the bulletin board to communicate with their niche of readers who install the app).

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The publisher can charge a royalty for each book sold through the app and allow the author to collect the major share.  In return, the author will do the creative work and marketing chores (most publishers today can’t afford to pay for marketing costs of titles, so why not turn it over to the author and give him the tools to do it?).

At the conference, we will be demonstrating our versions of “enhanced” or as we like to call them, “embellished” ePub3 award-winning titles such as Steam City Pirates, Forevermore, and Russian Wolves, and we’ll have a new roll-out of the embellished version of Jim Musgrave’s new Speculative SciFi novel, Life in 2050, featuring a musical score and originally drawn illustrations.


Short Tutorial on How to Access Your App

BEA Tour

BEA Tour


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