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Ghosts in the library

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I enjoy visual prompts to write paranormal and horror stories. The image for this newsletter give-away of fellow authors work inspired my story Time to Say Goodbye which you may read through Google Docs. Indeed, it features ghosts inside a library in the Redwoods of Northern California,

In this issue’s free collection of stories, my horror tale Dr. Stanford’s Fear will be soon made into an audio tale.

Portia of the Pacific Horror Mysteries

If you enjoy such suspenseful audio stories, then perhaps you’ll enjoy the second horror tale in my Portia of the Pacific series entitled The Spiritualist Murders. I’m also the narrator, and if you’re enthusiastic about the series, you can purchase the other five horror and history mysteries, and the first one Chinawoman’s Chance is free.

Enjoy your free and purchased reads, and thanks for you ongoing support!

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James Musgrave

EMRE Publishing, San Diego

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