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Any so-called “guru” (teacher) that lectures to me about shutting out the entire mind and thought process, in favor of “no mind,” is a phony, to me. I favor a person who tells me my mind is unique and spontaneously free. Helping others requires communication and not tuning out because I’m supposedly in some kind of silent nirvana state of mind.
Just my daily gripe. I have many. I’m human. But I am one aperture in the collective universe, so I relish that and I try to help others who are also unique, spontaneous, and don’t shut down reality in favor of subjective “paradise” alone. There are too many mentally ill walking around anyway, and many are in positions of power over others.

Speaking of “others” one of my favorite all-time science fiction dramas is Black Mirror, and it has five new episodes. Why do I think it’s great? Because it criticizes modern culture in uniquely intelligent ways. Very similar to the best of the old Rod Serling Twilight Zone series.

I’ve written a type of experimental satire that delves into the near future. The story’s called Mia and Ariel for Mayor, you can read it now on my Google Doc. I used my background at Caltech/JPL as well as the current trend we seem to be having toward dumbing down our education standards in favor of Artificial Intelligence, as well as some other unsettling developments. Believe it or not, my story has a “happy ending,” so I’d like some feedback on whether it works for you. You can leave comments here. Thanks! It doesn’t mean it will get published, but it helps me understand your reading tastes.

Finally, if you want to read my science fiction novel, Life in 2050, which is an homage to George Orwell, then go here.

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