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You Can Now Create, Publish and Market
with Only One App

Publishers keep 100% of profits.
Cost is $500 for an introductory installation on your website.
Publishers can sell all types of books (print, ebooks and multimedia ebooks)
Publishers can reach niche audiences instantly.
Publishers can promote to all mobile platforms.

Standard Plan


Advanced ePub3 Production Plan

• Read full ePub3 multimedia eBooks with video, music playlists and interactive elements

• Custom user profiles

• Get recommended books based on interest

• Read on where you left previously (works with eBooks and notetaking feature)

• Easy chapter switching

• Coupon codes for email marketing of titles whereby the reader can click and go directly to the eBook inside the eReader

• Integrated forum with messaging and forum functionality for book clubs, discussions and much more

• Multiple session support and a Family Love Time Capsule template provided inside the creator studio

• Insert story feature that allows you to create awesome “choose your own adventure” eBooks

Watch How to Use Your New Embellisher eReader App Interface

In the admin interface:

• Full control over ebooks in store (no limits on number of books)

• Full control over promo codes (no limits on number of coupons)

• Full user account control (no limits on number of users)

Watch How to Use Your New Embellisher eReader App Admin Interface

[stripe name=”EMRE Publishing, LLC” description=”Advanced .ePub3 Production Plan” amount=”50000″ payment_button_label=”Buy Now for $500″]

Marketing Services and Multimedia Plan

Extra Feature:

• One-on-one support to market your new titles to their niche audiences[stripe name=”EMRE Publishing, LLC” description=”Marketing Services and Multimedia Plan” amount=”15000″ payment_button_label=”Buy Now for $150″]

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