Taboos in Fiction Must Be Open to Artists

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“The trouble about jumping was that if you didn’t pick the right number of storeys, you might still be alive when you hit bottom.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar
Albert Camus was not an Anarcho-capitalist nor was he a libertarian. Nevertheless, he regarded individual freedom as an essential element of society and examined the inseparable relation between freedom and art. Every true work of art increased the inner freedom of its admirer and thus free art gives scope for individual happiness.
So do I.
This topic (suicide) is probably the most taboo and politically incorrect topic today, other than incest, and I love to cover suicide and its allure and its raw horror in much of my fiction exactly BECAUSE OF THIS SOCIAL TABOO.

As an educator, it is my belief that unless an important topic (like suicide) is examined thoroughly, in all its vainglorious attitudes and anti-social realities, no cure will ever be found to help the victims of this vicious spiral downward.

Just my opinion. I have suicide experience in my immediate family. Six members chose this outlet from pain. Also, depending upon how you define “suicidal ideation,” there are slow methods as well. Need I explain addiction to you? As a military vet, and son of a Pearl Harbor Survivor, I’ve worked the V.A. sucide hotlines, and I am very familiar with how one handles a caller. Just read my story I’m Goin’ Down in my award-winning collection of fiction Valley of the Dogs.
In addition, those of you following my work-in-progress paranormal and psychological thriller, The Borderland, know that suicide and other deeper psychiatric problems are featured prominently in that story’s plot.
Perhaps running from or covering up problems is one way of dealing with them, but I much prefer what Dr. Carl Jung said about “confronting and integrating our Shadow selves”  in order to cure our collective psychoses.
Even one of the most popular singing artists in the world right now, Taylor Swift, has a controversial message about suicidal minds.
Have a great weekend, and keep thinking deeply about everything. Our current system only scrapes the surface.
James Musgrave
San Diego, CA
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