Fall of the House of Usher or Flanagan?

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Critique of Netflix new Mini-Series “The Fall of the House of Usher”

Fall of the House of Usher
Those of us who have taught literature and have researched and written about Poe’s work and life, wonder about the herd mentality of folks who love Mike Flanagan’s so-called “horror with a heart” that supposedly emulates the Divine Edgar. Seriously? The Sackler Family as the Usher couple?
Really? Have you actually read Poe’s stories, Mr. Flanagan? The Fall of the House Usher is not a mishmash of Poe memes (must get that Raven in there somewhere!). It’s not a house to fill with every politically correct race and gender stereotype. This specific story is a unique author’s impression of a family that has become twisted and ungodly in the very roots of its beginnings.
The main premise in Poe’s story is the self-destructive tendency of Mankind to destroy itself for selfish reasons. One family. Not a herd of puppets acting like they’ve read Poe. This series should be called “The Fall of the House of Flanagan.”
If you happen to enjoy the series, I suggest you read some of Poe’s actual stories, if you haven’t done so. Perhaps you might have a different opinion, or at least see what I was trying to show with this editorial.
Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Friday the 13th!
James Musgrave
San Diego, CA
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