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Do you like to fall asleep to somebody reading you a story? Here’s your chance to get a free audiobook copy of my

Award-Winning story collection Valley of the Dogs. This is a $14.95 value.

Valley of the Dogs

Dark Stories for Readers with Surreal, Realistic, and Deep Tastes

Silver Medal Winner of the 2021 Reader’s Favorite International Contest for Best Adult Anthology

An Indie B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree, 2021

9.25 overall Evaluation at BookLife, Publishers Weekly

Hollywood and Broadway are icons of the American Dream. But what happens to those who feed off that dream? Just as drug cartels have many underlings, who must get paid along the journey to the addicts, so do the characters who need to be nourished by the luminaries who make up this star-studded world above us. James Musgrave’s collection of eleven stories, in many ways, addresses the theme of “star power,” but in a way that satirizes the stereotypical “Hollywood endings” in very unique and literary ways. This collection has a remedy for the past year’s traumas caused by a worldwide pandemic.

Award-winning short fiction author, Jacob M. Appel says, “With the publication of Valley of the Dogs, Jim Musgrave joins the ranks of George Saunders, Steven Millhauser, and Kevin Brockmeier at the heart of the modern American short story’s second great renaissance.”

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”

― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

How Do I get this Free Audiobook?

To receive the full audiobook of Valley of the Dogs read by award-winning narrator Nikki Delgado, simply purchase the first serial installment of the following Science Fiction Fantasy series Auschwitz Dancer for $1.00. In return, you will receive by email a direct link to download the free copy of my short story collection Valley of the Dogs. If you enjoy the serial, then you can also subscribe to a new digital episode per month.

Auschwitz Dancer

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Continue the adventure by subscribing to James Musgrave’s Auschwitz Dancer serial through Paypal. For $1.00 per month, you will receive a new episode of this popular new series. Delivered in three formats (.epub, .pdf, and .mobi) direct to your email. Note: You can pay by credit card and not have to login to Paypal. This serial is catching on with readers really well, so get your subscriptions and free audiobook today!

Thanks, and enjoy these free fantasy stories and my offer for this month.

James Musgrave

San Diego, CA

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